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Kidney Failure


With Pancha Bhoota you can completely cure and prevent kidney diseases.  Click here to read inTamil translation. 

First check whether your blood pressure is normal. Long time high blood pressure is one of the key reasons for kidney failure. There are many reasons and types of Kidney diseases and failures. Here we are giving tips for general kidney failure and ways to improve kidney function.

Chukku-Malli Kaapi: Habit of drinking tea was adapted from the British by modern Indians. The ancient habit was to drink a herbal preparation with coriander seeds , dried ginger (sukku is lime-treated ginger which has superior medicinal value than just dried ginger) and  sweetened with palm sugar. This herbal tea is excellent for health especially to keep the kidneys to work efficiently and also for digestion. Please use organically grown coriander and ginger for the best results.

     The bed coffee  giving is an interesting ritual in the Srirangam temple in Trichy is  this sukku-malli kaapi prepared in Dhanwanthri shrine. Every morning this ritual was initiated by the ancient masters who knew the medicinal benefit of this herbal Tea.

 Ginger is one the best known anti-inflammatory drug known to man and

Coriander is soothing to the kidneys. The combination is a great medicine to kidney failure patients.

 Coriander powder ginger Tea


  • Coriander Powder
½ Teaspoon
  • Water
1 Cup
  • Ginger Grated
  2 Teaspoon


Add all the ingredients to water and boil well. Sieve and drink the tea hot.

It is very good for health and keeps us fresh and energetic. Palm sugar is the best.

    One of the most popular herbal-tea in South India is the Ginger-Coriander tea (Sukku-malli-kaappi). Coriander seeds , dried ginger (sukku is lime-treated ginger which has superior medicinal value than just dried ginger) and Palm Sugar rich in vitamins and minerals combination is an excellent drink for health to aid digestion and a tonic for kidneys. This organically grown coriander and ginger have high medicinal value and you can enjoy this tea for cold weather.
                   Ginger is one the best known anti-inflammatory drug known to man. It is commonly used to treat motion sickness, vertigo, asthma, backache, bronchitis, congestion, diarrhea, flu, headache, poor circulation, stomach ache, suppressed menstruation and, swellings. 
                 Coriander is soothing to the kidneys. Coriander seeds contribute phthalides and polyacetylenes, phytochemcials, all cancer protectors. They possess blood-thinning properties, along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. In Germany, it's approved for the treatment of dyspeptic complaints, mild gastrointestinal upsets, flatulence, and to help stimulate the appetite.
                It is interesting to know that every morning this sukku-malli kaapi prepared in Dhanwanthri shrine is the bed coffee given to the lord of Sriranganathar temple in Trichy and then given as prasad to the devotees. This ritual was initiated by the ancient masters who knew the medicinal benefit of this herbal Tea.

Preparation time: 5 minutes.

You can drink once or twice a day. Try using this Palm Sugar.


Ginger CompressionGinger compression works with lot of kidney failure patients. The linked web site has a details on it. You can try a simple version and do it almost everyday till kindey function tests shows improvement. In this scientific research paper they have reported a simpler version with effect on some diseases.

Food medicine: 
For Pancha Bhoota healing try to use all organic because they make a big difference in healing your body naturally.


Barley and White Pumpkin  are very good for improving kidney function. Soak whole grain barley over night in water and then cook well and can be eaten like rice or can be made as a gruel (watery consistency).

Eat fermented barley  for more effective results.

We recommend to eat coriander leaves chutney which removes lead from the body as well as kidney deposits. 


While doing Surya Namaskar, be aware of the abdomen region and kidney stones while you end your abdomen. Feel good air circulation, blood circulation, heat circulation in the region. Feel this positive healing for your kidneys when you do this exercise.


Air therapy: Taking a long breath and relaxes every now and then reduces stress in the body. Every day doing Breath-aware Pancha Bhoota  walking  is very good to improve kidney function.Pranayama  5 minutes morning and evening is also good. The air circulation will help the kidneys revive their function.


Space Therapy: Similarly relaxation  of the mind reduces stress.




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