Gita  Chapter -5

The Yoga of Renunciation of Action

(Karma-Sannyasa Yoga)

Arjuna said to Krishna, You tell me to do Renunciation of actions to gain knowledge, and also praise about the Yoga of action (non-doer ship attitude while doing any action) . Now tell me, conclusively that which is the better of the two?

Krishna said, “Renunciation and Yoga of action both lead to the Knowledge of the Self. But out of the two, Yoga of action is superior to the renunciation of action for a person who lives in a society.  For a Sanyasi (Monk) path of renunciation of action is the best means. So there is no question of superiority among the two, in-fact the wise say both the paths are one. This means that   Knowledge (Gnana) obtained by renunciation of action (Sanyasa) and knowledge obtained by giving up doer-ship (Karma-Yoga)of actions are one and the same.

“’I do nothing at all’, thus would the knower of Truth think—seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, going, sleeping, breathing, speaking, letting go, seizing, opening and closing the eyes are all actions performed by my body and not me. I am not the body and the mind or Ego, but I am the one who  "Witness"  all that is happening in the body and mind.   In reality I am action-less but aware of what is going in and out of this body and mind.

Arjuna asks Krishna how to know that I am not the body but the one who witness or aware of everything?.

Krishna gives the technique of Pranayama to Arjuna in this chapter.

“Shutting out all external contacts and fixing the gaze between the eyebrows, equalizing the outgoing and incoming breaths moving within the nostrils, with senses, mind and intellect ever controlled, having liberation as his supreme goal, free from desire, fear and anger—the sage is verily liberated for ever” .

Fifth Day of Mahabharata War.

On the fifth day of the war, Bhishma chose to arrange his army in Makarvyuha. Arjuna, Yudhisthira and Dhristadhyumna decided for the Hawk formation of their Army. All the warriors of both sides were assigned to specific places in the formations with special responsibilities.

Bhima tried to break the Kaurava army phalanx and Bhishma confronted him. Duryodhana went to Drona and told him that he  should kill the Pandavas, so that the death of Duryodhana’s brother was avenged.  Duryodhana and Bhima were using their skills to smash each other with their mighty maces. Abhimanyu had emerged as a new hero on the Pandava side. He was giving a good account of himself by killing a number of warriors. He hurt Lakshamana, the son of Duryodhana.

Satyaki too gave an excellent account of himself. He fought with Bhurishrava. The sun was setting and the fighters were tired and exhausted. There faces were drawn and haggard. Bhishma announced the end of the days fighting. All with drew to their camps to tend their wounds and to take whatever rest they could possibly get.

pranayma, awareness tothe duality of thought around

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