The ideal kitchen

Healthy Eating

One who eats one complete meal a day is a YOGI (yogi is a healthy person)

One who eats two complete meals a day is a BOGI (Bogi is a connoisseur)

One who eats three complete meals a day is ROGI (Rogi is a sick guy)

One who eats four complete meals a day is DROGI (Drogi wastes food)

                                                                  -   From Sidhar songs in Tamil.

What to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner
          Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar is an old English adage. (2015 research supports this) Ayurveda says digestive power is maximum in the day and decreases as night approaches. Undigested food cause many health problems. Undigested food stays in the intestines and becomes feed for bacteria and other parasites. The toxic products these microbes release is absorbed and enters the body and cause many 

Why should we eat very less for dinner?
       With change in life style we eat a heavy dinner which is unhealthy. We are used to one bowel cleansing in the morning. Therefore the undigested matter of what we ate for breakfast and lunch, is thrown out as stools next day morning. But what we ate for dinner would not be evacuated next day but would go only after third day bowel emptying. Thus it stays for longer time and cause good food for bad microbes.

        Next reason that dinner is bad for health is that whatever limited amount of food is digested is absorbed as  glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. Most of them are converted to glucose and fatty acids and then stored as  fat. After dinner ,since we do not have any physical activity, all the food that we eat is stored as fat. Therefore  those who prefer to maintain healthy weight should avoid heavy dinner. What to eat for light dinners

          We have quite a bit discussed about controlling the mind running after the senses and made it clear that that only a strong intellect can do the job. As apart of that our kitchen plays an important role in bringing about that change which also brings health benefits.

            It is wise to keep more of healthy unrefined unprocessed foods than refined junk food products. While shopping for kitchen exercise your intellect in choosing foods. Your emotional mind tempts you to gratify your senses by provoking you to buy junk processed products. We aware even while shopping how your mind justifies buying them. At that instance even it will warn you visiting Sakthi Foundation web site which brain washes you not to buy these products. It is real fun to watch these thoughts prompting into the computer screen of the mind.

           To add fuel to our uncontrollable mind, the grocery shops are filled with eye catchy, misguiding and tempting commercial advertisements which gives lot of stimuli to our mind. Here is where you can practice the exercise for your intellect.

Laziness breeds ignorance

        We have discussed how the mind looks for less work and convenience. Avoid these convenient products and get out of laziness and lethargy.  Example instead of buying yogurt try making them. More work is the best means to overcome the restless of the mind. But doing work without awareness only fuels more thoughts and restlessness of the mind.

           Cooking food is one of the best means of  being more in the awareness state. Do not listen to music or talk while cooking. In traditional India women or men use to chant mantra which are positive statements while cooking. This helps the person to keep the mind away from wandering and focus on the work done at the present moment. Cooking food with awareness also makes the food very tasty and also eating with full awareness, you enjoy the food more with all the minute taste that you miss otherwise while eating with talking and watching television. Try eating with full awareness you will be amazed to notice that you are able to recognize all different flavors and taste in the food.

      Therefore find time for cooking and if you do it in an organized  manner you will have enough time to cook and also enjoy cooking and gain health benefits along  save money. Cooking  swells your pocket and not your belly.     


Cooking vessels- which is good...see the reply in this post


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