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Our Vision

 In this section, we are suggesting the Five Elements Therapy (Pancha Bhoota) for commonly occurring diseases. To cope up with the high volume of letters we receive, we are giving the general treatment regimen here which will produce desired results that you are seeking. If your health condition is complicated you may write to us for Individual treatment suggestions. We will respond within a few days.



Getting Started

You might see that in Five Elements Therapy (Pancha Bhoota), most of the treatments methodology overlap for many diseases. There will be only slight change in some diet pattern. The reason is that if mind and body are treated to detoxify most of the diseases get cured. Some specific herbs or foods are needed specifically to nourish the body for certain diseases and for some specific individuals. Other wise general detoxification will work for most of the individuals.


 Can this be done at home? Yes, You may do it home.

 Should  I stop my other current treatments? Not needed. You may stop other treatments if you feel this method gives you desired results. You may

 consult your doctor for diagnosis and improvement in your health Condition.

How long does it take to see improvement? It depends on the disease

 condition and also how persistent are you doing all the five elements of the treatment. 

How to start the treatment?
 Do all the five elements. All are important

 because each of them gives a benefit for your health. 

Can any element be skipped or avoided? It may not give full benefit. So all

 the elements should be used to get full benefit. One does not get complete  cure  by not taking all the five pills an allopathic doctor prescribes. Same way Sakthi Doctor prescribes all five  methods and doing only one does not assure complete cure.

The DVD's are highly informative and let you know information that are critical for your health and life.


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