Precautions while Working on Addictions / Habits Exercise for second chapter of  Gita

In the previous page we discussed about working on addictions and habits. here will discuss some pre-cautions to be taken care of  to ensure success of the task.

Cautionary note: Be aware of the tricks of the Ego. When you start working on your habit you will find it is easy for a few days. This is the trick of the Ego. It wants to give an impression that you overcame the addiction. So do it at least for 41 days. We have seen in healing page of Sakthi-foundation that most of  the treatments in folk medicine and Ayurveda are  given for 41 days. This is to represent a new birth in us, because we are for 41 weeks (including egg release)  in our mother's womb.          After a few days of quit practice you would see that the habit storms back and temptations like a hurricane will try to swallow us. Do not yield to the temptation and witness all the justifications the Ego preaches to you not to give up the habits. It will try to say that you do not need to do such practices to master yourself. You are a strong personality and for you these petty practices are not needed. Reminder Again a reminder, the importance of this exercise is to  keep witnessing your thought processes and Ego's fear and restlessness while doing the practice. The witnessing is very important because witnessing weakens the power of Ego. You will understand about this in later chapters.

What to do when temptations arises?

Temptations become inevitable in the beginning. Witness the temptations and then you might see that the more you witness the lesser the power of temptation. It is like watching someone who is planning to steal something in a grocery store. The more you watch or stare that person the more uncomfortable he or she feels to do the act. Witnessing -the power of Bheema      It is very interesting to note that Bheema the second Pandava kills all 99 brothers of the enemy including Dur-yodhan (symbol of Ego). Bheema represents presence or the witnessing attitude which is very powerful means to transcend Ego.      Another approach is to do breathing exercises like Pranayama and also Yoga. This also helps to a significant extent. Breathing exercises and Yoga should not be done mechanically but with full awareness. The mind tries to run away from the present moment and wanders. Doing breathing exercises and Yoga focusing on all the twists and turns you can being the mind to the present. In-fact this is most important for doing all physical and mental exercises. Yoga or any other exercise is a waste is not done with this witnessing attitude. Healing occurs when we do Yoga will witnessing attitude because that connects the mind and body. To be in the present is the "Present" (gift) of life. Mind-body co-ordination comes only through the witnessing attitude. Unfortunately our minds are so occupied with the memories of the past and anxiety of the future, we seldom are in the |"present". To be in the present is the "Present" (gift) of life. This Gita exercises are oriented to bring out all these jewels you can adorn and make your life precious. Walking      Walking out doors is also another way. Walking should not be accompanied by music appliances on the ears or talking. Silent walking observing things around you and simultaneously  paying attention that you are observing things is a great way to overcome the temptations of Ego. Chanting       Another way based on our personal experience is to do chanting. Chanting helps in weakening the Ego. Chanting is to repeat a small word. It could be any name of a person, plant, animal, bird or any object. It could be chanting of Krishna's name or names of other spiritual traditions like Buddha, Jesus, Allah etc. The chanting can be done aloud or silently. The point is not to fall into the trap of temptation. In the initial  stages try to avoid situations that prompts temptations to handle it better.  Share your experience  Please share you fun experiences of your Ego trying to curb your Gita-exercises. Write to info (att)  uni5 (dot) co and also let us know whether we can share that in this site with your identity concealed.  Before you proceed to next chapter. There are more to come in the next chapters. Please continue to the third chapter only after practicing the second exercise at least for a week. With practice this would be another version of Gita you would read without any practical use.

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