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The Sakthifoundation, a community welfare profiting organization was started on 28th September 1998 in India.

This is not a religious organization. This means we are not based on a particular  ideology, but adhere to the "Truth",  which means that which is universal to everyone at all times (Eternal). This Truth in the primordial form originated in Bharath ( Bhaa-rath), which means "Light of complete vision".

Bhaarath, the Land of Knowedge: Bhaarath refers to a unified single mass of land, that over time got separated into different continents and countries through the phenomenon of continental drift.

 This Truth did not dawn in a single person, but was through a collective effort. Several great men and women thinkers contributed in verifying the Truth, that would stand the test of time. Their search and findings were so significant that it would be Eternal knowledge and still re-searched over time to time.

Birth of Religions: The Eternal Truth was given to mankind by the great thinkers with the sole purpose of inner happiness or peace.  However, over generations, this mystic Truth in its very dense abstract form, became difficult to be grasped by the common people. So great thinkers simplified the abstract Truth in symbolic images. The Truth clothed in new symbolic format then became the seed for many civilizations and religious organizations later in history. Ironically, when the Truth was symbolically transmitted, people clinged on to the symbols without thinking about the implied Truth. This lead to personal attachemtns to the symbols, leading to serious to misunderstandings and religious wars. 

If we decode the symbolism of all the religions in the light of Truth, the Universality of all religions will be obvious. We see the primordial Truth is the common thread in all the religious and scientific thinking in all parts of the world. 

Birth of Modern Science: When religious organizations got stuck in symbols overlooking the Truth, it failed to give mankind inner happiness. This created vaccuum in the Self, leading people desparetly look for material happiness. Taking literally the symbols leads to blind belief which contradicted with rational thinking and also to the core Truth of the religions. 

     At this juncture, some of the abstract ideas of the Energy aspect of the primordial Truth, were experimented and interpreted, giving birth to Modern Science. Answers obtained through deep questioning and thinking on the Energy of the Universe were also applied in improving the quality of material life of mankind. Interestingly, the quest still continues to find the "Truth" in modern terms and now is at the cross road on understanding Consciousness, the final mystery. 

Birth of Spirituality: Mankind has reached the pinnacle of technological advancement and started to realize that the happiness one's gets through the material comforts is not compelte without the inner happiness. This has set the platform to reconsider the importance of the primordial Truth. With the development of neuro-science and Consciousness, for the first time modern Science is willing to join hands with other alternative views on Consciousness. Many scientists understand that the thread of Science and Spirituality is also one and the same.

Role of India in Spirtiuality: Science and spirituality was one and the same in Bhaarath and existed as Spiritual-science. After continental sepration and birth of religions, the lnik between Science and Spirituality weakened. Luckily, there are some lineage of thinkers still in India from the age old Bhaarath, which has kept this knowledge alive for many centuries. In India, one could still feel the pulse of Unity in Diversity that existed long back in days of  the Truth.

Sakthi FoundationWe understand that this Truth reflects throughout human history in all arts and sciences and in all walks of life and in all human thoughts and action. We see that there is unity (Universal) in thought and also understand the cause for variations.

    Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone giving up the notion of separatedness.  Without any external  change we bring the Awareness of Unity in everyone. In this unification, we still appreciate and enjoy the cultural differences from its own perspective. Our focus should be on global peace by understanding that all our thoughts have differentiated from one single source or Truth. That one single Truth appears to be different only because of different fragmented views of it.

We give a five holographic universal pattern view which can serve as a template to see how our fragmented views align with it. It also gives correct stand for viewing the Truth as it is. Understanding these patterns and self identifying with the compelte picture one attains peace with oneself and with everyone. This is the mission of Sakthi Foundation, to bring unity in diversity for a Unified Community (Uni5) of Eternal Happiness. 


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