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                                  Sakthi Foundation Logo

Sakthi foundation has the core mission to create public awareness for leading sakthi logo 2015 1a healthy, happy life, through rational analysis of solving problems in life. The logo is the symbolic representation of the mission. The fingers in the hand represent the five aspects of our being. We have a Physical body (symbolised by little finger), an emotional mind (ring finger), intelligence (middle finger), Awareness (Fore finger) and Consciousness (Thumb).

Using the Individual Awareness (forefinger) we bend towards to Universal Awareness or Unconditional Consciousness to experience the Eternal Joy within us, the purpose of this life.

       It is the Consciousness that is behind everything. But we are not aware of it. We have awareness of the intelligence, mind and physical body but we are not aware of that Awareness and Consciousness (that which connects to everything). To be aware of the Consciousness is the ultimate goal of life because it is the unconditional happiness (love, Truth) that we are all seeking in life.


     All that is Eternal is "I am",  the Consciousness. what is the real Self of us?.

“Sakthi” means “Energy”, that which ticks the whole Universe to function.

It is the single source of the primordial Energy that underwent five phenomenal stages of evolution since the big bang. The single Energy underwent a rapid expansion (Space-time) with simultaneous localization (condensation) of Energy into particles (sub-atomic energy field), which due to interactions (reactions) with one another, catalysed (heat) transformation of innumerable forms (various chemical elements) which continue to maintain a state of stabilization (Stars, planets, microbes, plants, animals, human beings).

This five patterns of Energy dynamics is seen in every processes of the Universe. These five phenomenon patterns also exists us as Consciousness (expanded unconditional view), Awareness (Self view), Intelligence (logical view), Mind (belief's view) and Body (Sensorial view).  

 Journeying through life processes, every individual can realize this “Energy” within. This inner-search is the foundation of life. Hence we named the organization “Sakthi Foundation”.  It is knowledge that can free everyone from suffering which is freedom from all limitations. This is the goal of Sakthi foundation to all beings in this Universe.

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