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The Uni5 Community was initiated by Dr.Sendurai Mani and  Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil. From the initial stage onwards Dr.Madeswaran took full effort to do all the work and later other members joined as a team in various stages of growth.

The mission  is to promote Global Awareness for leading a Happy Life.


madeshDr.M. Madeswaran. Ph.D -Education Director, Financial officer and principal of Sakthi Uni5 Schools India. He has been doing voluntary work since the inception of the organization, but became active in leading the sakthi school projects in 2006. Madeswaran is a certified Montessori teacher and integrated that with the Uni5 system and started the Uni5 Sakthi school in Sendurai village in 2007, 2011, porayar school project and 2012 coimbatore school.

 His  regular updates on the Sakthi Schools can be found here. His love and dedication to children inspires teachers to adopt his method of handling children. He has been instrumental in healing an Autistic children along with the school teachers.

 In 2010 he introduced in India, the CCC (Connecting children to culture) program and CAC for senior citizens and the COC for corporates. CCC, CAC and COC . Read more about him.



Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil.Ph.DMolecular Biologist with a background in pradheep-passport-2011Biochemistry, received his Doctoral degree in Cancer Biology from India, for identifying a novel anti-cancer compound from a plant. He has co-authored a book "Diet and Cancer" in Tamil (Indian Language) with Dr.M.Madeshwaran. Pradheep Chhalliyil published his second book "Journey To the Source, Decoding Matrix Trilogy".  

He is currently a Research Scientist working on the molecular identification of foods in a Biotechnology company in USA. Click for Pradheep's Resume - Profile and his talks.


Dr.Sendurai Mani. Ph.D, a Molecular Biologist by training is  an Associate maniProfessor doing research at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas. Dr.Mani received his Doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Science,  working on the molecular mechanisms of liver detoxification. Before moving to MD Anderson,  he worked as a post doctoral fellow on the molecular mechanisms of breast development at Whitehead Institute, MIT, Boston. There is an article appeared in Boston Globe  about Dr. Mani.  

   Click here to know more about Dr.Mani's to research.



Advisory Board:


berndDr. Bernd Schoelis the R&D Director of a Biotech company in Iowa, USA. He has doctorate degree in Immunology from German university.


muthuMuthu Sundaram is a Mechanical Engineer.

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