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Sakthi Foundation is not a religious organization, but born out of compassion and love to serve, it has kindled hope and joy in many lives.  "Unconditional Love" is the greatest healing power of mind and the body. Love empowers the individual to overcome pain and achieve happiness. 

 History: Some of the members from low economical background were supported from the community for their studies. They decided to payback to the community by helping the community to have awareness in all walks of life. This thought became the seed of this organization.

 "Sakthi" is the Sanskrit word for  "Energy", that which ticks the foundation of everything in the universe. Journeying through life processes, every individual can realize this “Energy” within. This inner-search is the foundation of life. Hence we named the organization “Sakthi Foundation”. There is only one Energy, that functions as many.


We observe that there are five views about this Energy.

 Universal pattern1. Some view this Energy as physical matter (resisting change - Earth).

 2. Some view it as the thinking chemical mind (Constant change- Water).

 3. Some view it as a logical pattern  (intelligence - Fire),

 4. while some view that Energy as the Awareness-Self - Air.

 5. Finally, some has a holistic view as Integrated Consciousness - Space.


We understand that this five views has brought divisions as  Atheism, Religions, Science and Spirituality. If everyone understands, the limitations in their view and at the same time tries to understand other's different point of view, there will be no conflicts and wars.

 Every point of view has its own logic, like pieces in a jigsaw (Zigsaw) puzzle. But the Truth is in the whole view. This is like the Truth and the  five group of Men and the elephant.

 Sakthi Foundation is a platform working for the unification of the five different views to realize the "Eternal Truth".  It is eternal because it is Universal for everyone at all times.

   This single (Uni) Consciousness-Energy manifests as Five elemental principles forming the fabric of structurality and functionality of everything in this Universe.

 This web site is also designed in the same Five Elemental design. On to the left side, you can see the five major sections of the web site, the Healthy Body, Happy Mind, Holistic Intelligence, Self-Awareness and Consciousness Love or Service.

  Our being also has the same five archetypes - the Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness, which is found as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space as elemental principles of the Universe. Understanding these five elements is a guiding light to know the Cosmic secrets and moreover, helps to lead a happy, peaceful and Eternal life.   

 Consciousness is the unconditional aspect of Energy (Sakthi). Therefore, through unconditional Love (Selfless work) one can Self realise the Mystery of Consciousness and be in peace with all beings.  Being at Peace, through the Uni5 principles is the Mission of Sakthi Foundation. 

We have helped many of our friends heal themselves from diseases like cancer, kidney stones, allergies, hypertension, insomnia, overweight, hyper-cholesterol, diabetes and many more. Those who have been healed have encouraged us to extend our activities through the World Wide Web to serve all our unknown friends who need healing through love and care.

            We clearly state that we have no commercial motive. We are doing this with the clear understanding that "your health is our health because we are all cells in one cosmic body". When each individual has a healthy body and healthy mind, the whole planet enjoys good health and Peace.

 Selftual Philosophy

  Sole mission of Sakthifoundation is to bring right-awareness in people to avoid sufferings and lead a high quality life of happiness.  Sakthi Foundation sheds light on rational solving approach by looking deep at the root cause of problems, in all walks of life.

  Sakthi Foundation principle is based on the five-holographic elements Hands(fundamentals) of Ancient Indian Science. The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides an integrated way of understanding organization and order.

 The five elements are Physical, Emotional, Intelligential,  Self-Awareness and Universal-Consciousness.  These five-holographic elements are reflected in all aspects of the Universe, right from its creation to the highest evolved, human Being.  These five-holographic principles are applied to solve all problems at physical, mental, Intellectual, Spiritual and Cosmic levels.

 All charitable activities of Sakthi Foundation also operate under these five major elemental levels. Under each element we have sub-categories.


                                1.  Physical level (Earth)

At the physical level, Sakthi Foundation applies this integrated approach to relieve physical suffering of human beings and other beings. 

  1. Awareness of Healthy Life style: An integrated holistic Healthy life style awareness is one of the major activity of Sakthi Foundation. The health suggestions given are complimentary  for various diseases. Sakthi Foundation tries to bridge the gap between modern science and the traditional knowledge of folk medicines, which knowledge is at the verge of extinction.

The integrated holistic health system developed by Sakthi  is known as Pancha Bhoota, based on the five-holographic principles of nature.

 Mode of action: Public Awareness on physical Health can be achieved through sharing and spreading information through

  1. Sakthi Foundation web site
  2. Conducting health awareness Camps like eye camps, Diabetes Camps, Cancer-Awareness camps etc.
  3. Giving out brochures, publishing books, creating Audio and Visual media.

4.      Reaching public through TV media.

Future Vision:

Several thousands of people have been benefitted for the past two decades using the Pancha Bhoota Holographic approach. Future vision of Sakthi Foundation is to start a complementary-therapy hospital for all diseases to  relieve physical suffering. In this facility, unification of the traditional healing systems of traditional cultures all over the globe will be done for the benefit of patients. At this hospital patients can come and stay and learn healthy life style

 Needs: To create a healthy society, Sakthi Foundation needs funding and permission to conduct several of this health awareness camps and hospital to stay and learn.

                           2. Emotional level (Water)

 At the emotional level, Sakthi Foundation has two activities.

  1. Emotional care and support. Care of destitute women, orphaned children and old citizens.  Every human being has a talent that can happiness to one’s own Self and to others. To live and die without realizing that individual talent is the tragedy of life. 

 Mode of action

Sakthi Foundation cares and supports destitute women with the mission of helping them to realize their own “Sakthi” or Energy. We have started to help few such women already giving them Self employment and emotional support and courage  to withstand the hardships of life. In Sakthi School we have trained village women in Montessori system of education. Some of these women have only  high school education, but we gave them emotional support and courage to make impossible,  possible. They now lead a life with self-respect and vision.  The love and care that they received from Sakthi, now, they transmit  selflessly to the village children  of Sakthi School. Children feel at home, under the care and love of teachers without corporeal punishment.

Future Vision:

Sakthi Foundation like to provide such emotional care and support to more women, Old aged people and to orphan kids.

 Needs: Sakthi Foundation needs funding and permission to start centers for destitute women care, orphan center, center for physical disabilities of children and oldage homes.

  1. Help to deal  emotional stress and psychological problems.  

 Stress and unhappiness is common to both affluent people and poor people. Sakthi Foundation offers Stress reduction techniques, dealing with relationships  to find inner happiness. 

 We have increased our physical comforts in our modern life, but the mental stress makes physical comforts unworthy and unnoticeable.  Pursuing education with high standards have raised the physical standard of living, but the mental skill to accommodate relationships is going down. This leads to instable family life weakening the cultural integration of the country. Depression and suicidal tendencies are increasing due to lack of skills to tackle emotions.  Sakthi Foundation has effective means of stress relieving methods to overcome this problem.

Mode of action

Public Awareness on Mental Health can be achieved through sharing and spreading information through

  1. Personality developmental programs in Sakthi Foundation web site
  2. Giving out brochures, publishing books, creating Audio and Visual media.
  3. Reaching public through TV media.

 Future Vision:

Sakthi Foundation like to provide counseling centers to deal with relationships and mental stress. 

Needs: Sakthi Foundation needs funding and permission to start counseling centers to deal with stress and relationship problems.

                                     3.Intelligential (Fire)

 At the Intelligential level, Sakthi Foundation does promote Scientific or rational thinking to understand the cause of suffering in life and the preventive measures to lead a high quality of life.  These are accomplished through

Integrated Education System.

 An integrated education system which helps the children to develop a healthy physical and  mental growth along with rational thinking and awareness of their Conscious Self. This type of education gives an integrated approach in life.

 Mode of action

  1. For the past three years, we have been successfully running the first free or pay-as-capable Montessori school in a village of Sendurai,  Dindigul Dt, India (http://www.sakthischools.org). Please read the attached brochure to know about the accomplishments of the school.  Sakthi has this  school in a rental place and have hired four teachers and two helpers currently. Sakthi School is planning to get its own transport system to help, neighboring village children to  study in sakthi Monstessorri school.

 Needs: Sakthi is looking for funds to build its own building for the school in 2010. Funds for running the school is very much essential. Due to financial difficulties of many parents, we collect only 10% of our expenses as fees. Remaining 90% are from the foundation board members  and donations and funds raised through Sakthi Foundation. We also will need funds to get transport system to help far-away village children to get access to school.

  1. Future vision of Sakthi Foundation is to start several such schools not only in India but also in other countries, wherein tribal children will receive a modern science education at the same time integrated with their valuable ancient cultural heritage.

Needs: Sakthi needs permission to start such schools.

  1. Sakthi foundation is also developing a unique integrated Holographic educational system. With Sakthi’s unique syllabus, the Sakthi education will help in the growth of children at all the five levels through which they will find completeness in life and will be self-independent.
  2. Prevent school-drop-out program. Sakthi foundation along with other organizations  will take measures to inspire children to study after school hours to be motivated to continue their education. After school some of the children are given merit scholarships to continue college education. The organization operate in rented places without any basic facilities. We  look forward to help the children to have their own study place.  
  3. Sakthi  supports the college education of orphan children. After 18 years,  most of the orphan children with high academic score miss college education due to lack of financial support.  Sakthi Foundation visions to support for such children.

Distant Education help.

  1. Currently Sakthi Foundation members are giving distant-phone-classes in Spoken English, Maths and Science to children of Madurai seed. This inspiring work would reach more through community centers.
  2. Sakthi Foundation makes its own educational tools for the Sendurai school. In future we would like to make very novel and “make-learning-easy” tools and audio , visuals also.  

 Mobile Education.

  1. Children from birth to age 5 are rapidly undergoing brain development. It is the environment that they are exposed shapes the future of the child. We see many construction and road workers children left to the work environment  instead of a study environment. We are proposing to start the first mobile-school, where the children will be given Montessori education on a daily basis. This way the children will grow with good education and be away from work place health-risk hazards.  We also plan to apply this mobile education for street children in the evening times after work.

 Tamil Translation

  1. Communication is vital in human life. To keep the traditional culture alive it is essential to keep the language alive. We will be translating good books that are rarely translated into Tamil and other languages. We also have the vision of doing Tamil translations in the Braile text format for blind children.

                               4. Self-Awareness (Air)

 At the Self-awareness level: Sakthi Foundation helps in the rational Self enquiry of every individual about the reality of the Universe and the individual’s placement in this Universe. This self-awareness enquiry is termed as  spiritual (not religious) growth of the individual.

 Service to others.  The theoretical knowledge for this process of this growth is given through public lectures, books and web articles to the public all over the world.  The practical experience of this Self-Awareness comes when the individual does Selfless service to the society. This Self-awareness inquiry finally ends up in the Spiritual transformation of individual, where the individual becomes use to oneself and others.  

 Spiritual means inner transformation, embracing all beings as the expression of one's own "Self". 

 Mode of action

Long term vision is to bring community harmony among religious groups, helping them to understand the Universality of all religions to find peace in individuals and in the world. Only in Spiritual growth will terrorism and religious wars can be prevented.  Sakthi’s five principle holography reveals the fundamental core of all religions which are overshadowed by the belief systems and lack of rational thinking. Sakthi’s approaches is a harmonious way of helping individuals to see their stand point in the whole realm of human existence.

 Self-awareness and Rational approach to Cultural values.

Documenting the legends, heritages and traditions of our nation and seeing them in an integrated way will inspire the younger generation to cherish the values of different traditions.

5. Cosmic-Consciousness level (Space)

At the Cosmic-Consciousness level:  This is the practical exercise to experience the knowledge one attains through the enquiry of Self-awareness. 

Mode of action

 Sakthi Foundation invites the active participation of individuals to relieve the suffering of not only human but all the beings in this Universe.

Disaster Relief:

Under this level , Sakthi Foundation activities are oriented  and its collaborating other organizations  volunteers work in disaster reliefs in various countries.

  1. In Indonesia, Sakthi Foundation supports the charity work of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth) foundation. http://www.bumisehatbali.org/

          The support of the work of the globally-known midwife Robin Lim and her non-profit Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth) foundation, which for over a decade has provided free and low-cost birthing and mother/child health services, to needy people. In 2005 her organization was one of the first to give aid to the tsunami-ravaged Aceh province of Sumatra (the western-most part of Indonesia). She continues to operate two birth clinics 1,000 miles apart, and has recently received. This organization has been chosen the #1 not-for-profit organization in Bali, out of a field of 700 non-governmental organizations.

Feeding the Destitute: We are in hands with Akshaya Help Trust. They feed many hungry poor people in South India.

Environmental and other Animals protection:

  1. Sakthi Foundation likes to extend its help not only to Human beings but also to all the other beings. We bring awareness on protecting environment,  preventing animal cruelty.
  2. Sustainable living projects (Eco friendly living, organic-sustainable agriculture etc are some of the activities that Sakthi Foundation vision’s to do in the future.  We are collaborating with sustainable living groups to create ecofriendly houses in India.
  3. Sakthi-Network: In this Cosmic level, Sakthi Foundation continues its Join-Our-Humanity-Service-Team scheme, where Sakthi gives freedom to the individual or groups of individual to undertake their project on services, as big as they dream. Behind it Sakthi gives all moral support and operational support. The project managers can have their own foundation name but still work associated with Sakthi foundation.

   All funds are collected only by Sakthi foundation but duly notified to the project managers. They are given a weekly or monthly notice of funds received. No funds are cris-crossed between projects. 

 The board members monitor all the different projects and makes sure that the funds are not misused. The project managers heading different projects have to submit accounts of how the funds were used. They have to submit complete expense information and write a project summary with details like photos (optional) of their work. This helps to get continued support from the public. This develops trust between the foundation and donars and also among project managers.
With this Sakthi's policy in mind, foundation welcomes  team work of other organizations to work for the common ground in the form a network to continue our selfless service.

2012 Write up


About Sakthi Foundation


The Sakthi Foundation is a community welfare profiting organization formed in 1998 by Drs. Sendurai A. Mani and Pradheep Chhalliyil to bring awareness among people by encouraging rational thinking to find the root cause of problems and healthy living for a happy life. The mission principle is based on logical, rational, Awareness principle (whole - Wholistic) and not a religious organization.



This means we are not based on any particular ideology , but adhere to the "Truth", which means that which is universal to everyone at all times (Eternal). This means that Energy is Universal to all and the reality is that that Energy is only One and functions as many. In other words, the Energy aspect of Universe is viewed as five-holographic elements of Physical, Emotional, Intelligential, Self-Awareness and Universal-Consciousness.  These five-holographic principles are applied to solve all problems at physical, mental, Intellectual, Spiritual and Cosmic levels.



All charitable activities of Sakthi Foundation also operate under these five major elemental levels. Under each element we have sub-categories.



1. Physical body: Awareness on health and confronting diseases




(a)    Eye Camps: We conduct eye camps for poor senior citizens in the villages get surgery done free of cost.


(b)   Natural way to overcome diseases:


                   We follow a very effective, harmless, natural form of treatment called the “the Five elements treatment. This is based on the principle that the whole universe, including the human body, is made up of five Energy aspects called the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Life is the dynamic flow of the five elements. Disease occurs when there is an imbalance of the five elements. Health can be restored by creating a perfect balance of the five elements in the body. All the diseases can be healed by Pancha Bhoota; however, it is highly specific for each individual.



(c)    Free Consultation: We give free healing suggestions through the Internet. We are not trained medical doctors, and so we do not diagonize or give any medical intervening procedures.       Over years we have given suggestions to several thousands of people all around the globe.


(d)   Pregnancy Guide: We have given good diet and exercise and positive thoughts in pregnancy times to several thousands of women all over the globe.



2. Emotional Mind:


   Counseling Relations and Relationships: Relationships are very important in the families and also in the society. We help with a rational methodology to mend broken marriage relationships for a happy family life. We do the counseling through emails.



3. Intelligence – Education:


(a) Three Sakthi Uni5 Schools: Our Sakthi Uni5 integrated Montessori Schools in three villages have transformed the outlook of life in many families. Several parents and teachers have conveyed the message that attending sakthi school have molded a holistic outlook in the children attending the school.


(b) Scholarships to poor children: Several children receive scholarships every year for school and college education.    


(c)Free English Class through phone: We give free English lessons for poor children.




4. Awareness of life: We share holistic knowledge and awareness to lead a peaceful and happy life through our Connecting to Culture programs conducted every week in several cities. This has helped children (CCC), adults (CAC) and corporate employees (COC) to connect to cultural heritage and understand the value of culture. Through these classes, positive thinking, inspirational thoughts, and means to handle relationships are given. Several attendees have reported tremendous benefits to lead a happy life. These events are not religious events, but do use the symbols of Ancient Indian Spiritual science.



5. Consciousness: Unconditional love


       Only through unconditional love, there will be true happiness in every individual self and in the society and greases the machinery of life in this Universe. We are all Cells

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