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Fear, the force behind

      Emotion of fear is protective,  but is damaging, when we  use  the emotion of fear in the wrong dose at the wrong time, causing stress. Example, the fear of smoking or eating unhealthy foods is good. But when we get disease and fear about death, it is damaging and ridiculous.

       Fear of missing the flight helps us to leave to airport on time to board a flight. But going late and fearing to miss the flight while driving is ridiculously stressful. Here we  use misuse fear and suffer from its consequences. 

      Feeling of fear comes when we feel insecure about ourselves in many situations in life. This baseless fear serves no purpose other than generating stress.  Analyze with your intellect and you will see that most of the time, other than the protective aspect, fear is baseless, yet we hang on to fear and generate stress.    

Buddha, says,
"Thus, all fears
And all infinite sufferings
Arise from the mind."

. . . it is not possible
To control all external events;
But, if I simply control my mind,
What need is there to control other things?

      Vedic tradition symbolizes the need for no fear in a hand gesture as shown below. Then hands represents the action state of mind. Only by controlling the mind,  it is possible to overcome sufferings and be peaceful. If the mind has to be peaceful, it has to be fearless and for this the mind should be prevented from wandering. The legs are symbolic of wandering nature of the mind. This is why in the picture, the legs are tied with a black strip to avoid wandering (more details in the section of festivals).

      Let us continue with the discussion of fear.

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