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      Inner Silence & Meditation

         The silence one observes in meditation is the bridging state between Pure Awareness and pure consciousness. Meditation leads to the pure awareness state and we have discussed that awareness is the source of healing.  This is why meditation is very important both in healing and spiritual and helps in day to day mundane activities.

         The state of pure awareness only leads us to real Self - Pure Consciousness, which is otherwise called as Atman, Brahman or Soul. Meditation helps the individual to transcend to the state of pure awareness, which is close to the state of pure Consciousness. This is Self realization, the goal of a spiritual seeker.

Why does not one observe the silence always.
      It is again because of the mind. In a movie theater the film that is projected is a continuous exposure of frames of the film. When one frame is projected, the eye captures the frame and after a pause the next frame is projected. However the mind does not perceive the pause because the mind retains the image of the first frame even after the frame vanishes and by that time the next frame is projected and the mind captures that frame. Therefore the mind ceases to observe the thoughts. Similarly each thought that arises in the mind is like distinct frame, and the pause or the silence between two successive thoughts is never experienced. The silence between the thoughts is peace. In meditation thus one observes the inner silence , the source of all thoughts.    

Life is just watching a movie- being a witness.
    In a movie theatre the we see the images projected on a movie screen. Have you ever thought the force that project the images on the screen?. That is the LIGHT. Light is that illuminates the film and is projected on a white screen. Without the light the film cannot be projected. Similarly it is the consciousness that illuminates all the objects in the world. The body is like the screen on which all the images are projected by the source of the light. Like the whole activity of a theater is based on the light source. The same is the case with the world, where the whole world is based on the consciousness. This supreme consciousness is acknowledged as supreme power or GOD.

        The ultimate purpose of  LIFE  is to use our body, mind, intellect to realize, that our true Self is the Consciousness, the light projecting this whole universe . 


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