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            Five steps (Pancha Bhootas) leads to Awareness

      The five steps of mind and body purification in Pancha Bhoota healing helps to transcend to Pure awareness. Purification really means to be in thought. Something that is pure means that it has only one entity. Like pure gold means it has only gold and no other metal. So purification of mind means to have only one thought that is awareness.  When the mind has innumerable thoughts through the contact of sense organs  of external world, it is impure. When the mind is with drawn to the interior to go the awareness state of one thought, then the mind  is said to be in the pure state.

      Purification of mind in all healing and spiritual traditions means to with draw the mind inward to have only one pure (single) thought that leads to pure awareness. However the nature of the mind is to have many thoughts which it acquires through contact with objects.

      Mind is like a kid running after attractive objects. A kid can focus or concentrate on his or  her school lesson only if the mind is available for that activity. A parent or a teacher cannot teach a kid in a place like a shopping mall where lot of people come and go, because the kid's mind will go outward towards watching the people or events. So the best way to help the kid focus on the lesson is by creating an environment that makes the mind less distracted. Such a place is called school. This is not different from a temple or church of worship.

     All religious and spiritual traditions have the fundamental aim to give this environment to the people who follow that traditions. It is sad to see later these organizations instead of allowing the individual to grow and mature inside, use them ruthlessly for the external growth of the organization. For this external growth in the size of the organization, it is does not hesitate to twist and corrupt the knowledge given by the master. This straying away from the "Truth" taught by the master, then breeds only hatred and leads to all religious wars, when the individuals fail to grow inwards and transcend to awareness state.


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