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No salt diet - Mind watching

          This is a very powerful exercise one can do to really be aware of the restless thoughts of the mind.  In other words it is a powerful exercise for mind watching. Some of the members of Sakthi Foundation has done this exercise for few days to 41 days avoiding salt in foods. Avoiding salt does not harm the body because natural salts is present in all foods.

         This exercise is not done to torture the body. It is a powerful means of self evaluation of the control you have over your mind. During this exercise one observes how the mind gets tempted over to eat salty food and break the exercise. It is difficult to begin but later becomes a fun watching the justifications that mind gives the intellect to stop the practice. If you are aware you will witness the thoughts of mind, intellect, temptations, desires, justifications, anger, greed, restlessness etc.

         The mind that fed on strong likes and dislikes of the taste now feels miserable and weak when it cannot get to what it needs. This is one excellent means to strengthen the intellect, because the intellect wants to keep the discipline of not eating salt added food for 41 days, while the mind does not allow that. Therefore it is a challenge of the mind and intellect.  You will be able to self evaluate whether your mind or intellect is powerful.

        This is the intention of some of the spiritual rituals done like fasting, abstinence from eating salt, sugar, favorite foods etc. Through abstinence of mind's favorite food one gains control of mind's strong likes and dislikes. Through this approach slowly we can control the mind not to think of negative thoughts. Generally we have no control over mind to think of positive thoughts. We are taken a roller coast ride by the mind. We are just the slave of the mind. We think what the mind wants to think. We act what the mind wants us to act. To gain freedom from the prison of the mind is real freedom. This is the message of Vedanta or any spiritual tradition. We will discuss this later in spiritual section.

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