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  Steps in abstinence (Space therapy)

1. Before and while doing Space therapy (Abstinence) make sure your intention is what watch the mind and be aware of the thoughts.

2. When too much agitated allow the mind to take over the object of its desire but with more awareness. Example, when you abstain from eating or salt-less eating, your mind would crave for it, make justification, feels more restless. Be attentive of these thoughts. Understand that these are the thoughts of the mind. You see that the mind is focused on this issue and does not wander away. This is the moment when you can witness your mind.

3. When the craving for the object is too much instead of controlling and scolding the mind allow it get the object. But again pay attention to mind , watch the mind aggrandizing the  object of desire. Be aware of that you are aware of your mind. This itself is a thought. But later you will transcend to a state of watching or witnessing yourself, which is not a mental thought and that is pure awareness.

Do not scold yourself

     Do to the tendency to get the mind control, one tends to scold oneself while doing these practices. When there is craving of the mind for the abstained objects, it is natural that the mind to revolt. Instead of rebuking it, allow the mind once a while to get the object it desires.  But while doing this act be attentive to the thoughts, other wise it will result in indulgence. If the mind is scolded or judged as powerless, then the mind loses enthusiasm in everything. The mind develops dis-interest in everything and this leads to frustration and depression. So do not scold the mind, instead develop friendship with it. A servant is happy when the master is friendly with him or her at the same time maintaining discipline and strictness.

     The final practice in Space therapy is the abstinence from talking and experience inner silence. 

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