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 Bliss - the unconditional happiness in life

        Life becomes always blissful 24 hrs a day, seven days a week if we live life with full awareness. Now our happiness in life is conditional, which means we are in the happy state the way the mind dictates so. If we live life in the happy state whatever the conditions may prevail, it leads to unconditional happiness or bliss. Bliss is unconditional happiness.

        To stay happy irrespective of all conditions in life is bliss. It is does not mean that one will not cry, feel sad, sorry, etc. These are emotions which will arise based on the situations. To get caught up in these emotions without being aware of it is the problem.

       Look at babies, how blissful they are. They do express emotions, they cry when they feel pain. But that is only for a moment. They do not have a hang over of it. They do not get caught with that emotional feeling. They express it and then they let go of it and then are in the present again.

      Children are also are found bubbling with energy. We  have a bigger  body and have more strength than the kids, yet the kids can run around the whole day and never get tired. This is because they are in the present and do not have hang over of the emotions they under go.

       If children are the present, in the awareness state, then why do they get diseases? A good question. The answer is that kids are the projection of the minds of the parents. This is why ancient masters emphasized the pregnant mother to pay attention equally to the body and mind. Unfortunately mothers pay attention only to the body and not to the mind. Stressful mind of the pregnant mother  expresses as diseases in the kids.  More details in pregnancy section.

       Getting back to our discussion of unconditional happiness, we do not let go of anything and that eats up our mind and generate stress. To let go of things, to accept the reality of the present, which means to accept what is happening around is the way to have unconditional happiness. In later chapter we will discuss more about the power of acceptance, the biggest stress reliever.

      Unconditional happiness cannot happen until fear is removed. fear is the main force behind the stress in mind. we will discuss about it.

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