Prayer and SAL Energy: Prayer is the simplest process to request one’s own reserve Energy in the SAL Energy bank. For example, the reserve tank is a secondary fuel tank (in many cars/bikes it contains around 15% of the capacity of the primary tank) these are more commonly found on bikes, older cars (some without fuel gauge) and vehicles designed for long distance or special use. A light on the instrument panel indicates when the fuel level dips below a certain point in the tank and the focus should be on refilling the primary tank to continue the journey. Similarly the objective of the prayer should be to refill the SAL Energy using the reserve SAL Energy. Nevertheless, many times prayer, is not answered because we have used most of the reserve Energy too.

A group prayer is a group donation to an individual who has very low SAL Energy. Sometimes group prayer does not work because the individual has so much bank debt that the donations does not still raise the Sal Energy for the basic need of the person. Indirectly whether a prayer will work or not depends on  the Individual's SAL Energy level.

Scientific study on the effect of Prayer: Some scientific studies with proper blind controls shows that Prayers does work and heals illness faster. While other studies do not show any difference. This difference is because of not accounting for the SAL Energy of the people who pray and who receive it. Disease extent is reflects the amount of low SAL Energy.

Prayer is not an action to any unknown power but to the Cosmic Energy Source. The results of prayer come only if kept in reserve the transformed SAL Energy through selfless actions of Love.

If there is no other alternative, then for emergency needs, the only way to get SAL Energy is by doing ritualistic action by transforming material Energy to SAL Energy. This is the reason behind doing Tantric Rituals. Tantra means “technically”.

Prayer does not work research shows

All prayers, whether it is Christian,  Buddhist, Jewish or Vedic, will work for an individual only if the Individual has the SAL Energy. This is why no religion can say only its prayer will work. Because in all religions the prayers has been answered and also failed. It is not the problem of the religious prayer, it is lack of SAl Energy of the Individual. In religious term it is called as God's grace (Energy).

Now one does not have SAL Energy, then Tantric methods gives a way to generate it technically or technologically. If all religious prayers are like using fire wood energy (plant reserves) to boil water, then tantric prayers is like using solar panel  technology to capture sun's energy and boil water.

So tantric method can be used by any religious back ground person to generate SAL Energy. The technology of SAL Energy is very well discussed in the Vedic texts. It is clearly mentioned that the SAL Energy generated should be used for higher evolution (spiritual) and minimally used for materialistic pleasures. It could be used for healing, protection, basic needs.

These concepts should be clear to understand how prayer works, and the force behind prayer, the strength, the techniques, the divine sacred,source,  sexual  how to be effective, kundalini, charkara, meditation, method, the positive (surplus) and negative (deficient) energy associated with it and also means to measure it by scientists or any one who does research on it, like in alternative medicine.

This research in British Medical Journal shows that Energy works

Even medicine (any) if it has to work needs this SAL or Luck energy. Without this understanding modern medicine does not know why there always responders and non-responders both in placebo and treatment groups. 

What should I do in my life to increase SAL Energy?

Click here to know that God and God's Energy (Sakthi) are two sides of the same coin. 

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