Awakening happens to most of us only when we get a shock in life. With a very intense problem in life, we go inward analyzing and inquiring why we end up in suffering. Many would say during such sufferings that they had not harmed any one in life and why do they suffer such great pains in life. Vedanta says that the reason is because they had forgotten about their journey to their Source. A quiet disciplined student cannot complain if he gets beating for his poor marks in his examination. What matters for a student is to study well and get out of the school. similarly we are here not to get detained and re-appear in the same class room for ever. We have graduate from this world. if not we have to learn through a tough shock in life.

      Vedanta gives a easy way to go through this evolution. This is why Vedanta has appealed only a few because it requires initial discipline and practice but later is highly rewarding. Only few students study well from the beginning of the school. Most of the students play and do all activities that is not befit of a student, but in the end of the school only if they get  shock , do they awaken to their studies. the same way some one who lives life with a discipline in mind goes through this spiritual school without shocks and knocks in life.

   Peace pilgrim, a great saint who walked  more than 40, 000 miles by foot for world peace, seven times across USA without a single penny in her hand, with no food and shelter, says she used to pray to see less problems inhuman life. Later when she became enlightened she prayed that humans should get more problems and suffering so that they will move closer to the Self.

 Positive thoughts the best road map in our journey of life

      One has no choice in avoiding this evolution. We are all fated to evolve. We cannot change the fate,  but we have free will to choose how we want to evolve. all that depends on the thoughts we entertain. the positive thoughts help us move forward cushioning the pain and suffering, which otherwise would be bolstered by negative thoughts. Positive thoughts will not mushroom in our mind any time we need. It has to be grown and nurtured in the garden of our mind, carefully monitoring the overriding weeds of negative thoughts. This is a process that we are giving through the life style of Pancha Bhoota.

      We are totally responsible for our thoughts and action. As discussed earlier our Ego wants to blame God or evil spirits for our suffering. No one other than our thoughts are responsible for our pain and suffering. If we shoulder good thoughts naturally we end up in good fruits in our garden of life.

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