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There is only one Truth and a single path to Truth, only views are different.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ.

Please discuss all topics in this blog with the above intention. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in connection to body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.

To achieve this we are giving you a template where you can identify your views and others view. This will guaranteed Unity, peace, love and happiness. With this Universal template, all difference of opinion between religions, science will melt away like heat melting all different ice cubes to pure water.

Five templates that will unify all our thoughts.
Check if our view is based on the knowledge we got from our
1. physical senses
2. Our personal strong likes and dislikes'
3. A logical pattern
4. connection to our Self
5. That is universal to all at times.

We will find that every view of us is at one of the five levels. The higher level is that which stays for longer and universal. This view will bring peace and happiness in our lives.

Deepawali and Kedara Gowri Pooja for husband wife harmony

Deepawali and Kedara Gowri Pooja
We all know from legends that Parvathy did penance  and resided in the left half of Shiva as Ardhanaree. This form of Shiva sakthi is the symbol of equality, bhraman transforms as Parasakthi, sakthi is the mirror image of bhraman, responsibility of man and woman in family and society, equality to woman hood etc.
It is also the symbol of female energy and male energy within us. 
This Kerada Gowri pooja is being observed on Ammavasya day with Deepawali festival in Andra and northern part of Tamil nadu as an auspicious day.
My ancestors have migrated from Kanchipuram to western part of Tamil Nadu before 500 years. They have installed the family deity Varadharajan [Vishnu] along with Kedara Gowri Ambika in our village - THUDUPATHY near Perundurai town in Erode district.
I have heard many legends about the fame of this pooja through my  grand mother and mother.
Even couple after marriage is being initiated with this pooja on Deepawali day which is a very special occasion in our village like another wedding ceremony.
To my knowledge Kedara  Gowri Devi has temple only in my village.
Devi is 4 feet tall standing with lotus in her hands under the pee pal tree in penance form.
Her utsava moorthy is very beautiful with 4 hands holding abhayam - varadham, akshara mala and lotus depicting Vaani - Ramaa and Umaa.
Legends say that Gowri [Parvathy] as Aparna [one who attained Shiva by severe fasting] meditated in Kedar Nath. Devi installed the jothir linga there. The Himalayan peak behind the Kedar nath shrine is a sakthi peetam and it is known as ''Su Meru''. This is being worshiped as ''maha meru'' upon which in bindhu, Shivasakthi is being meditated.
This pooja is based on Devi's penance. Woman who took initiation fast from Naraga chathurdasi evening. On ammavasya day they cook specific onion less, garlic less food to Devi. In olden times women even fasted at nights for 21 days.
Every dish is placed in a banana leaf and it is placed upon a new bamboo muram or plate and taken to temple. With the lady her husband has to go. Devi will be decorated in penance posture. The wife will offer her respect to Devi and offer that food and new garments and she will be given rice powder [maa vilakku] prasadham and a sacred thread with 21 knots. Her husband will tie to her neck or wrist or upper arm.
Then she prays to her husband as her Shivam. After coming home the husband will make her to complete the fasting by serving the food.
By eveing Devi is taken out for grand procession. By this time people arrange rangoli, wear new dress, arrange lights and lamps and celebrate Deepawali in our village. Still I can see this grand pooja is being observed in Chennai.
At home install kalasam and do aavaahanam with Gowri.
Light lamps and place a new dress, sacred turmeric paste smeared thread, sweets or fruits, a good food and chant Lalitha thrisadhi [this was recited by Rathy before Devi after getting Manmatha back with life in Kanchipuram]
Offer arthi, complete pooja and pray for every one's well fare.
The sacred thread in our family tradition will not be removed till next pooja indication that the woman must have awareness in her good actions.
This year Kedara Gowri pooja is on 11.112015.
Om Sakthy
10.11.2015, Madras
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Why Deepawali is connected with Kasi or Varanasi?

Why deepawali is connected with Kasi or Varanasi?
Kasi means light. It is being proved that the whole universe is made of light.
Light is the symbol of wisdom.
The real wisdom is to understand the TRUTH of the nature.
It is within us.
When we understand the truth that all are nothing but one, we are selfless in nature.
This makes one to show real compassion and service to the nature and all beings.
This removes the karmas and we are transferred towards the independence from all stress and issues - Mukthy.
Devi Visalakshi is the inner energy within us which makes us to realize this TRUTH and see the life with a broad mind attitude and accept every one.
Devi Annapoorani is the symbol of mukthy. She is just not the food energy, she is the energy within us to empty all the desires. Food makes the seed for birth cycle.
When we empty the food - desires we are towards freedom.
Ganga is the highest level of selfless nature and service to all. She accepts every body and every polluting agent to the extent of a decaying human corpse.
But she never changes in her purity.
This depicts the nature of one's atman which is unaffected by impurities of mind.
Viswanatha swambu linga is the very first celestial object created after big bang. He is the seed for universe and moksha.
So by having Ganga snaanam with oil at dawn, performing poojas to all these deities on Deepawali one can get the pulse of freedom.
Finally we focus on Kala Bairava who is the strong wisdom to fight against the ego. He is also the concept of time.
So with this inner meaning let us have a real Deepawali.
Deepawali is not just an oil bath, new dress and crackers polluting the nature.
I thank Dr.Pradheep who took me to kasi and explained these.
With regards.,
Dr.M.Madeswaran, Madras, 10.11.2015 [Deepawali]
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SriRama's Deepawali to enrich SAL ENERGY

Sakthi Foundation

SriRam's Deepawali to enrich SAL ENERGY


Most of the U.P and M.P people celebrate Deepawali as the symbol of SriRam's reentery into his sacred city Ayodhya after 14 years. After Lanaka expedition, Ram decided to come back to his Ayodhya on Ammavasya day to start the new fresh life as a king, son and husband.

Ramayana says that Ayodhya citizens also did not celebrated Deepawali with real joy for 14 years. Every one related them self to Ram as the self-truth.

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Dasa Maha Vidhya Shokas used in Kamagya temple

தச மஹா வித்யா ஸ்லோகங்கள் - சக்திபீடங்களில் முதலாவதான அஸாம் காமாக்யா கோயிலில் பயன்படுத்தும் வெகு விசேஷ ஸ்லோகங்கள்..

1. காளி

நமோ தீர்கேஸ்வரீம் தேவீம் ஸர்வ காம ஃபலப்ரதாம்

தீர்காகார குண்டல யுக்தாம் சித்திம் யச்ச ஸுரேஸ்வரீ

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Sakthi Foundation



For past 1 month I am under the research and writing about Sakthi peetams. [51 spot for energy generation all across India].

Among them Kamagya peetam in Assam is considered to the first one. This is beacuse Dakshayini's vagina fell here and Devi is in the form of a natural vagina in a rock. Devi is also known as ''KAMAGYA''.

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Poraiyar UNI5 Center reports about their very first Navarathry - 2015

Sakthi Foundation

Poraiyar UNI5 Center reports about Navarathry 2015

We thank Mr.Venlatesan and Sakthi Foundation for giving chance to celebrate Navarathry festival for 10 days. This is very unique and new for this locality people even though they have heard about it. We got the chance to set the Golu with understanding and celebrating with backups of proper literature also.

We placed 5 steps and arranged the dolls given by Sakthi Foundation along with the idol of Saradha Devi. Every day a sacred food was offered. Even very poor parents offered her prasadham to Devi. Local community people came to our R.B.School and observed participated very well and encouraged the event. Parents felt it is very important to expose children at this age to Indian heritage and traditions like this.

Children were clear with the naming of dolls.

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UNI5 Thirupaavai - English Version

Sakthi Foundation

Uni5 Thirupaavai


I thank Pranav for making me to write this for his spiritual journey.

1. Maargazhi thingal, madhi niraindha nan naa laal

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Pungeri UNI5 Center talks about their Navarathry - 2015

Sakthi Foundation

Vasantham UNI5 Center - Pungeri village.


Navarathry is very new for all of us. We enjoyed, children relished with dolls and feast for eyes and public saw a great celebration. 

Traditional way of setting Golu was observed with proper rituals and poojas in which parents participated. Children observed, spoke, commented, shared ides among themself.

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Pongalur Public Golu - 2015 - report...

Sakthi Foundation

Tirupur district - Pongalur Public Golu - Mr.GaneshKumar and Ms.Gomathy GaneshKumar reports....


Ms.Gomathy says, ''The Golu and DASA MAHA VIDHYA concept is very different and useful for public. Whenever I explained about DASA MAHA VIDYA, it is actually for me to shift to the awareness level. I am now much aware about the energy concept with respective deities. Every year I feel we must set one such great Vedic concept. I am very happy that my daughter is totally observing all these and learning.''

Baby Renuka Devi, ''I am very happy, I am now aware about various Gods. I am able to have good social skills. I also explained to children this year and this improves my communication skills and I am getting confidence.''

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Sakthi Foundation

KAAMAGYA – spot of cosmic birth

Conscious - Brhamam's salana transform into energy - Sakthi.

Sakthi manifests into 5 natural elements [Pancha bhoothas]

Combined chemistry of 5 natural elements creates the cosmic pattern with perfection. From largest milky way to quark.

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Complete- Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book

Click here for Incomplete (not proof read) - Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book

Click here for-Complete- Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book (will be announced soon).

Uni5 Selftual Navarathri

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd Aug 2017

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5.1 Shree Linga AShtakam

5.0 Shiva

Aum Satgurubhyo Namaha

Aum Haree Shree Ganapataye Namaha

Aum Tat Purushaaya Vidhmahe

Mahaadevaaya Dheemahe

Thanno Rudra Prachodayath.

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4.2 Shyamala Dandakam

4.2 Shyamala Dandakam

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Manikhya Veenaam Upalalayanthim,
Madalasam Manjula Vaag Vilasam,
Mahendra Neela Dhyuthi Komalangim,
Mathanga Kanyam Manasa Smarami. 1
Chathurbhuje Chandra Kala Vathamse,
Kuchonnathe Kumkuma Raga Sone,
Pundrekshu Pasangusa Pushpa Bana,
Hasthe Namasthe Jagadaika Matha. 2
Matha Marakatha Shyama, 
Mathangi Madha Shalini,
Kuryath Kadaksham Kalyani
Kadambha Vana Vasini. 3
Jaya Mathanga Thanaye, 
Jaya Neelolpala Dhyuthe,
Jaya Sangeetha Rasike,
Jaya Leela Shuka Priye. 4
Jaya Janani, 
Sudha Samudranthar Udhuyanmani Dheepa Samrooda Vilwadavi 
Madhya Kalpadhruma Kalpa Kadambha Vasa Priye, 
Krithivasa Priye, Sarva Loka Priye.
Sadararabdha Sangeetha Sambhavana A Sambhrama Lola 
Neepasraga Badha Chooli Sanadathrike,
Sanumath Puthrike, Shekhari Bhootha Sheethamsu Leka Mayookhavalibadha 
Susnigdha Neelaalaka Sreni Sringarithe,
Loka Sambhavithe,
Kama Leela Dhanusannibha Brullatha Pushpa Sandoha 
Sandeha Krullochane, Vak Sudha Sechane,
Charu Gorchana Panga Keli Lalabhirame,
Surame, Rame,
Prollasadvalika Moukthika Srenika Chandrika 
Mandalothbhasi Lavanyagandasthalanyatha Kasthurika 
Pathra Rekha Samudbhootha Sourabhyasambhrantha 
Brungangana Geetha Santhree Bhavan Mantra Thanthreesware,
Susware, Bhasware,
Vallaki Vadana Prakriya Lola Thali Dhala Badha Thadanga 
Bhoosha Viseshanwithe, Sidha Sammanithe,
Divya Halamadho Dwelahelala Sachakshurandholana Sri 
Samakshiptha Karanaika Neelothphale,
Poorithasesha Lokapi Vanchapale, Sreephale 
Sweda Bindulla Sathphala Lavanya Nishyandha Sandhoha 
Sandeha Krunnasika Moukthike, 
Sarva Viswathmike, Kalike,
Mugdha Mandasmithodhara Vyaktha Sphural Pooga Thamboola 
Karpoora Gandolkare, Jnana Mudhrakare, Sarvasampathkare,
Padmabaswathkare, Sreekare,
Kunda Pushpa Dhyuthi Snigdha Dantha Vali Nirmala Lola 
Kallola, Sammelanasmera Sona Dhare,
Charu Veena Dhare, Pakwa Bimbha Dhare,
Sulalithayouanarambha Chandrayodhvela Lavanya 
Dughdarnawavir Bhava Th Kambhu Bibhoka Bruth Kandhare, 
Sathkala Mandhire, Mandhare,
Divya Rathna Prabha Banduhrachaanna Haaradhi Bhoosha 
Samudhyotha Mananavadhyanga Shobhe, Shubhe,
Rathna Keyura Rasmi Chada Pallava Prollasath Dhorlatha 
Rajithe, Yogibhi Poojithe,
Viswa Ding Mandala Vyapi Manikhya Theja Spurath 
Kankanalangruthe, Vibhramalankruthe, Sadhubhi Poojithe,
Vasararambha Vela Samjrumbhamana Aravinda Prathi Dwandwi 
Panidwaye, Santhothdhyaddhaye, Adwaye,
Divyarathnormika Dheethithi Sthoma Sandhyaya Mananguli 
Pala Vodhyanna Khendu Prabha Mandale,
Sannadha Ghandale, Chith Prabha Mandale, Prollasath Khundale,
Tharakajala Neekasa Haraa Valee Smera Charu Sthana Bhoga 
Bharanamanmadhyavallee Valee Schedha Veechi Samudhyath 
Samullasa Sandarsithakarasoundarya Rathna Kare,
Vallevibruthkare, Kimkara Sreekare,
Hemakumbhopamothunga Vakshoja Parava Namre,
Lasadvrutha Gambheera Nabhee Sarastheera Saivala 
Sangakara Syama Romavalee Bhooshane,
Manju Sambhashane,
Charu Sinchath Kati Soothra Nirbarsthinanga Leela Dhanu 
Sinchineedambare, Divya Rathnambare,
Padmaraghollasanmekhala Moukthi Sreni Shobajitha Swarna 
Bhoo Bruthale, Chandrika Seethale,
Vikasitha Navakimsuka Thara Divyamsuka Channa Charooru 
Shobha Para Bhootha Sindhoora Sonaya Manendra Matanga 
Hasthargale, Vaibhavan Argale, Syamale,
Komala Snighdha Neelothpalothpaditha Ananga Thunnera 
Sangakare Dara Jangalathe, Charu Leela Gathe,
Namradik Pala Seemanthini Kunthalasnighdha Neela Prabha 
Punja Samjatha Durvangurasangi Saranga Samyoga Ringanna 
Khendujjwale, Projjwale, Nirmale,
Prahwadevesa Lakshmeesa Bhoothesa Thoyesa Vaneesa 
Keenasa Daithyesa Yakshesavayvagni Koteera Manikhya 
Sangushta Bala Thapodhama Lakshara Sarunyatharunya 
Lakshmi Graheethangri Padme, Supadme, Ume,
Suruchira Navarathna Peeta Sthithe,
Susthithe, Rathna Padmasane, Rathna Simhasane,
Sankapadmadvayopasrithe, Vishruthe,
Thathra Vignesa Durga Vatu Ksethra Palairyuthe,
Matha Mathanga Kanya Samoohanvithe,
Bhairavair Ashtabhir Veshtithe,
Manjula Menakadhyanga Namanithe,
Devi Vamadhibhi Shakthihi Sevithe,
Mathurka Mandalair Mandithe,
Yaksha Gandharwa Sidhangana Mandalair Archithe,
Pancha Banathmike,
Pancha Banenarathya Cha Sambhavithe,
Preethibhajaa Vasanthena Chaanandithe,
Bhakthi Baajam Param Sreyase,
Kalpase Yoginaam Manase Dhyothase,
Geetha Vidhya Vinodhati Trushnena Krishnena Sampoojyase,
Bhakthimaschedasa Vedhasa Sthooyase,
Viswa Hrudhyena Vadhyena Vidhyadharair Gheeyase,
Sravana Harana Dakshinakwanaya Veenaya Kinnarair 
Yaksha Gandarwa Sidhangana Mandalair Archyase,
Sarva Soubhagya Vanchavahirvadhudhir Suranam 
Sarva Vidhya Viseshathmakam, Chadu Gatha Samuchaaranam,
Kanda Mulolla Sadwarna Raji Thrayam,
Komala Syamalo Dhara Paksha Dwayam,
Thunda Shobhathi Dhoori Bhavath Kisukam Tham Shukam,
Lalayanthi Parikreedase,
Pani Padmadwaye Nakshamalamapisphatikeem 
Jnanasarathmakam Pustakangusam Pasa 
Bibrathiyenasanchinthyse, Tasya Vakthrantharal Gadya 
Padyathmika Bharathinissareth, 
Yena Vaa Yavaka Bhakruitheer Bavyase Tasya 
Vasyabhavanthi Sthriya Purusha Yena Vaa 
Sathakumbhadyuthir Bhavyase Sopilakshmi Sahasarair 
Kinna Sidhyedwapu Shyamalam Komalam Chandrachoodanwitham 
Thavakam Dhyatha Thasya Kelivanam Nandanam 
Thasyabhadrasanam Bhoothalam, Thasya Gheer Devatha 
Kimkari Thasya Chajnakarisree Swayam,
Sarva Theerthathmike,
Sarva Mantrathmike,
Srava Yantrathmike,
Sarva Shakthyathmike,
Sarva Peedathmike,
Sarva Thathwathmike,
Sarva Vidhyathmike,
Sarva Yogathmike,
Sarva Nadathmike,
Sarva Shabdathmike,
Sarva Viswathmike,
Sarva Vargathmike,
Sarva Sarvathmike,
Sarvage, Sarva Roope, Jagan Mathruke,
Pahi Maam, Pahi Maam, Pahi Maam,
Devi Thubhyam Namah, 
Devi Thubhyam Namah, 
Devi Thubhyam Namah.

Ithi Shyamala Dandakam Sampoornam

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3.2 Kanakadhaara Sthothram

3.2 Kanakadhaara Sthothram

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Aum Sath Gurubyo Namaha

Sri Adi Sankara Acharyae Namaha

Aum Sri Ganapathayae Namaha

Aum Sri Hari Sri Ganapathayae Namaha

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3.0 Lakshmi

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Aum Satgurubhyo Namaha

Aum Haree Shree Ganapataye Namaha

Aum Mahadevyaicha Vidhmahe

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2.9.1 Mahisasura Mardini Ashtothram (108 names)

2.9.1 Mahisasura Mardini Ashtothram (108 names)

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Aum Satgurubhyo Namaha

Aum Haree Shree Ganapataye Namaha



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2.9 Mahishasuramardhini Sthothram

2.9 Mahishasuramardhini Sthothram

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015


  1. Ayi Giri Nandini, Nandita Medini,
    Visva Vinodini, Nandinute ||
    Giri Vara Vindhya Shirodhini Vasini
    Vishnuvilaasini Jisnunute ||
    Bhagavati He Shitikanthakutumbini
    Bhoorikutumbini Bhoorikrute ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||
  2. Suravaravarshini Durdharadharshini
    Durmukhamarshini Harsharate ||
    Tribhuvanaposhini Shankaratoshini
    Kilbishamoshini Ghosharate ||
    Danujaniroshini Ditisutaroshini
    Durmadashoshini Sindhusute ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||
  3. Ayi Jagadamba Madamba
    Kadambavanapriyavaasini Haasarate ||
    Shikharishiromani Tungahimaalaya
    Shringanijaalaya Madhyagate ||
    Madhumadhure Madhukaitabhaganjini
    Kaitabhabhanjini Raasarate ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||
  4. Ayi Shatakhanda Vikhanditarunda
    Vitunditashunda Gajaadhipate ||
    Ripugajaganda Vidaaranachanda
    Paraakramashunda Mrigaadhipate ||
    Nijabhujadanda Nipaatitakhanda
    Vipatitamunda Bhataadhipate ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

  5. Ayi Ranadurmadashatruvadhodita
    Durdharanirjara Shaktibhrute ||
    Dutakrita Pramathaadhipate ||
    Daanavaduta Krutaantamate ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

  6. Ayi Sharanaagata Vairivadhoovara
    Viiravaraabhayadaayakare ||
    Tribhuvanamastaka Shoolavirodhishii
    Rodhikritaamala Shoolakare ||
    Dumidumitaamara Dundubhinaada
    Mahomukhariikrita Tigmakare ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

  7. Ayi Nijahunkriti Maatraniraakrita
    Dhoomravilochana Dhoomrashate ||
    Samravishoshita Shonitabeeja
    Samudbhavashonita Biijalate ||
    Shivashivashumbhani Shumbhamahaahava
    Tarpita Bhutapishaacharate ||
    Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
    Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    1. Dhanuranusangaranakshanasanga
      Parishphuradanga Natatkatake ||
      Kanakapishanga Prishatkanishanga
      Rasadbhatasringa Hataabatuke ||
      Krutachaturanga Balakshitiranga
      Ghatadbahuranga Ratadbatuke ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    2. Jaya Jaya Japyajaye Jayashabda
      Parastutitatatpara Vishvanute ||
      Jhana Jhana Jhinjhimijhinkritanoopura
      Sinjitamohita Bhootapate ||
      Natita Nataardhanatiinatanaayaka
      Naatitanaatyasugaanarate ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    3. Ayi Sumanah Sumanah Sumanah
      Sumanoharakaantiyute ||
      Shrita Rajanii Rajanii Rajanii Rajanii
      Rajaniikaravakravrute ||
      Sunayanavibhramara Bhramara Bhramara
      Bhramara Bhramaraadhipate||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    4. Sahitamahaahava Mallamatallika
      Mallitarallaka Mallarate ||
      Virachitavallika Pallika Mallika
      Shrillikabhillika Vargavrute ||
      Sita Kruta Phullisamullasitaakrun
      Tallaja Pallavasallalite ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    5. Aviralaganda Galanmadamedura
      Mattamatangajaraajapate ||
      Tribhuvana Bhooshana Bhootakalaanidhi
      Roopapayonidhiraajasute ||
      Ayi Sudatiijanalaalasamaanasa
      Mohanamanmatharaajasute ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    6. Kamaladalaamalakomala
      Kaantikalaakalitaamala Bhaalatale ||
      Kelichalatkala Hamsakule ||
      Alikulasankula Kuvalayamandala
      Maulimiladbakulaalikule ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    7. Karamuraliirava Viijita Koojita
      Lajjita Kokila Manjumate ||
      Militapulinda Manoharagunjita
      Ranjitashailanikunjagate ||
      Nijagunabhoota Mahaashabariigana
      Sadgunasambhruta Kelitale ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    8. Katitatapiitadukoolavichitra
      Mayookhatiraskrita Chandraruche||
      Pranatasuraasura Maulimanisphura
      Damshulasannakha Chandraruche||
      Jitakanakaachala Maulipadorjita
      Nirbharakunjara Kumbhakuche ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    9. Vijitasahasra Karaikasahasra
      Karaikasahasra Karaikanute ||
      Krutasurataaraka Sangarataaraka
      Sangarataaraka Soonusute ||
      Surathasamaadhi Samaanasamaadhi
      Samaadhi Samaadhi Sujaatarate ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    10. Padakamalam Karunaanilaye
      Varivasyati Yonudinam Sashive ||
      Ayi Kamale Kamalaanilaye Kamala
      Nilayah Sakatham Na Bhavet ||
      Tava Padameva Param Padamit
      Yanushiilayato Mama Kim Na Shive ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    11. Kanakalasatkala Sindhujalairanu
      Sinchinute Gunarangabhuvam ||
      Bhajati Sa Kim Na Sachikuchakumbha
      Tatiiparirambha Sukhaanubhavam ||
      Tava Charanam Sharanam Karavaani
      Nataamaravaani Nivaasisivam ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    12. Tava Vimalendukulam Vadanendum
      Alam Sakalam Nanu Koolayate ||
      Kimu Puruhoota Puriindumukhiisumu
      Khiibhirasau Vimukhiikriyate ||
      Mama Tu Matam Sivanaamadhane
      Bhavatii Kripayaa Kimuta Kriyate ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||

    13. Ayi Mayi Diinadayaalutayaa
      Krupayaiva Tvayaa Bhavitavyamume ||
      Ayi Jagato Jananii Krupayaasi
      Yathaasi Tathanumitaasitare ||
      Yaduchitamatra Bhavatyurariikrutaa
      Durutaapa Mapaakrurute ||
      Jaya Jaya He Mahishaasuramardhini
      Ramyakapardini Shailasute ||


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2.4 Durga Sapthasloki

2.4 Durga Sapthasloki

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Shiva Uvacha

Devi Thwam, Bhaktha Sulabhe, Sarva Karya Vidhaayini
Kalou Hi, Karya Sidhyartham, upaayam Broohi Yath nathaha

(Devi, you are easily approachable and fulfill all their requirements, therefore please speak about the means to accomplish their desires)

Devi Uvacha

Srunu Deva Pravakshyaami, Kalou Sarveshta Saadhanam,
Mayaa Thavaiva Snehapyam, Amba Sthuthi Prakaash-yathe

(Lord, Hear as I speak about the ways of achieving all desires by virtue of love for you. I will expose the glory of mother Amba)

Aum Asya Sri Durgaa Saptha Sloki, sthrothra Manthrasya,

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2.3 Durga Ashtothram

2.3 Durga Ashtothram

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

Aum Satgurubhyo Namaha

Aum Haree Shree Ganapataye Namaha

Aum Kathyayanaaya Vidhmahe

Kanya Kumaari Cha Dheemahe

Thanno Durgaaya Prachodayath

with awareness, i understand/invoke (vidhmahe) that kathyayana who is daughter of kathyayan, is imbibed/meditated (dheemahe) as kanyakumari by my mind so that it is always (thanno) inspired (prachodayath) by intelligence, in the form of durga.

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2.2 DASA MAHA VIDHYA - Moola Mantras And Gayathri Mantras Of All 10 Energy

The mistakes will be corrected overtime---last update 22nd oct 2015

2.2.1 Maha Kaali

Moola Manthram:

Aum Kreem Kreem Kreem, Hoom Hoom Hreem, Hreem Dakshina Kaalikayai, Kreem Kreem Kreem, Hoom Hoom Hreem, Hreem Hreem Swaahaa

Gayathri-Om Maha Kalyai Ca Vidmahe, Smasana Vasinyai

Ca Dhimahi Tanno gora Prachodayat

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