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The word ''skandhaa'' means kindness.

Skandha or Karthikeya or Muruga or Subramanya is considered to be a highest form of Bhramam in Vedic scriptures. This energy is the symbol of ultimate wisdom - gnana.

Muruga's birth is the symbol of Shiva sakthy.

Muruga's legends are being well said by Vyasa in Skandha puranam - the largest one among 18 puranas.

He is much celebrated in Tamil Nadu and he is considered to be the pattern of Tamil language and celebrated as ''God of Tamil and Tamils''.

Poet Nakeera has documented the ancient most 6 abodes of Muruga in his literature ''Thiru Murugaatru padai'' in 2 A.D. Those abodes are now his ''aaru padai veedu''.

Thiruparangundram - symbol of family life, wedding and accepting all in family.

Thiruchendur - symbol of removing our self-ego through pure wisdom.

Pazhani - symbol of true knowledge and detached state of mind with materials.

Swami malai - symbol of wisdom and experience without age limit.

Thiruthani - self-contented mind.

Pazhamudhir solai - symbol of realizing the eternal TRUTH within us.

All the above said abodes are well described in Thirumurugaatrupadai and this is the earliest devotional scripture in Tamil.

Skandha sasti fasting beings from prathma after Deepawali Ammavasya and lasts for 6 days. Thiruchendur is the place where Muruga penanced and transformed 3 demons who are the symbol of ego's nature.

This viratham is considered to be a very auspicious one. A Tamil proverb says that if one fasts during Sasti, he or she will be blessing with anything they wish.

This fasting is again looked in physical, emotional and intellectual levels.

Body is being cleansed and mind is being turned away from negative attitudes. Srimath Pamban Siddar says, ‘‘we have to quarrel against shat pagai - 6 enemies within during sasti''.

Murugan's 6 faces can also be identified with the wisdom of spirit within a devotee to transform the wrong attitudes.

Muruga transforms the ego into his mount, cock and peacock which shows that we have to channelize our negative attitudes towards creative ideas and actions.

Utsava moorthy - Jeyanthi nadhar performs soor samhaaram in Thiruchendur on Sasti evening.

Many Subramanya temples also celebrate this great occassion for 6 days.

Skandha sasti kavacham, Shanmuga kavacham, skandha guru kavacham makes one to shift to level of divine awareness.

This fasting is a very good occasion to increase the SAL ENERGY for child birth.




Miser attitude

Gossiping nature

Self-boasting are the major 6 enemies within us which has to be transformed.

Murugan performs pancha bootha poojas to pancha linga and receives Sakthivel - spear from Devi. This shows the importance of man's focusing towards energy.

Let us focus in 6 enemies within us from attacking us.



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