A real Vedic ritual - Incident from Buddha's life

A real Vedic yagna – Buddha


Buddha says to his people about this history....

There was a king named Mahavijithan. He ruled Kosala kingdom.

Suddenly the king wanted to perform many Vedic rituals to get fame and praise. He asked his Guru to take over the tasks.

His Guru said,

''King, good! it is very important to perform Vedic rituals to increase the natural wealth of a nation and self-energy. But now there is famine in our nation. I suggest you a different type of yagna as suggested in real Vedas.''

The king also accepted.

Guru, ''The word yagna means good deeds. Please give away the grains and seeds to farmers, gold to good merchants, loan to small scale industries, job to every young man''

The king did and many wells were dug. Meanwhile Guru arranged very important Vedic rituals at temples.

After few years slowly people increased the wealth of the nation and after that everyone offered the necessary things for performing a yagna as per directed in Vedas.

The practical approach of spirituality is very important.

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