Aaputhran – a man who stopped serving society where laziness existed…Tamil epic Manimekalai

Aaputhran – a man who stopped serving society where laziness existed…


Manimekalai reached Manipallavam Island. This is modern Rameshwaram.

There is saw the oldest Buddha peeta at the bank of a pool called Gomuki.

On Vaikasi Poornima day she was blessed with a bowl called ''Amudha surabi''.

This is the symbol of everlasting unconditional compassion with service to all beings and serving food.

The bowl has been brought here from Nagaland by a great selfless monk called Aaputhra [son of Cow]

Let us listen to history of Aaputhra and Amudha surabi.

There was a bhramin couple in Varanasi.

The wife did many illegal sins against her husband because of liking to materialistic benefits.

She then realized her mistakes and tried to correct herself.

She then took her husband's permission and left to pilgrimage with a hermit group.

At that time she was pregnant also.

While reaching Tamil Nadu, she gave birth to a son and left him alone and that baby was given milk by a cow herd.

The boy was named as ''Aa puthran'' as the cow went and stood near him after listening to the baby's cry.

This boy was then handed over to a Bhramin lived in vayangodu town. The boy was well cared and before he was given yagnobaveetham he was once taken to a yagna where he saw a poor old cow being tied for slaying. That night this boy allowed the cow to escape and he too ran along with the cow.

But he was caught hold by the local people and local Bhramins punished him. Aaputhra left that place to Pandiya's Madurai.

From child hood he was a great devotee of Devi and in Madurai he worshiped Meenakshi as goddess Chintha Devi - energy of wisdom.

With Devi's blessings he got the amudha surabi bowl and started feeding handicap people, poor, orphans and served.

But slowly laziness prevailed among the people and he then left to Mani pallavam where he dropped the bowl into the pool and attained samadhi.

Amudha Surabi is the symbol of our mind with real compassion to serve.

Over flowing food is the food of wisdom.

Aaputhra conveys that service cannot be given to a society where selfishness and laziness exists.

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