Amudha surabi - unconditional, everlasting compassion and service - Manimekalai Tamil epic message on Buddha Poornima 2016

Amudha surabi - unconditional, everlasting compassion and service


மாரனை வெல்லும் வீர நின் அடி

தீ நெறிக் கடும்பகை கடிந்தோய் நின் அடி

பிறர்க்கு அறம் அருளும் பெரியோய் நின் அடி

துறக்கம் வேண்டாத் தொல்லோய் நின் அடி

எண் பிறக்கு ஒழிய இறந்தோய் நின் அடி

கண் பிறர்க்கு அளிக்கும் கண்ணோய் நின் அடி

தீ மொழிக்கு அடைத்த செவியோய் நின் அடி

வாய்மொழி சிறந்த நாவோய் நின் அடி

நரகர் துயர் கெட நடப்போய் நின் அடி

உரகர் துயரம் ஒழிப்போய் நின் அடி

வணங்கல் அல்லது வாழ்த்தல் என் நாவிற்கு அடங்காது

போதி நீழல் பொருந்தித் தோன்றும்

நாதன் பாதம் நவை கெட ஏத்தி

குடிப்பிறப்பு அழிக்கும்

விழுப்பம் கொல்லும்

பிடித்த கல்விப் பெரும்புணை விடூஉம்

நாண் அணி களையும்

மாண் எழில் சிதைக்கும்

பூண் முலை மாதரொடு புறங்கடை நிறுத்தும்

பசிப்பிணி என்னும் பாவி

அது தீர்த்தோர்

இசைச் சொல் அளவைக்கு என் நா நிமிராது!!!

ஆற்றுநர்க்கு அளிப்போர் அறவிலை பகர்வோர்

ஆற்றா மாக்கள் அரும்பசி களைவோர் மேற்றே உலகின் மெய்நெறி வாழ்க்கை

மண் திணி ஞாலத்து வாழ்வோர்க்கு எல்லாம்

உண்டி கொடுத்தோர் உயிர் கொடுத்தோரே!!!

These are the lines from the great Tamil epic Manimekalai.

She praises the truth after getting the amudha surabi.

Manimekalai was the only daughter born to Kovalan and his beloved love Madhavi in Poompuhar.

Kovalan was killed by Pandiya in Madurai. His wife Kannagi also took samadhi after his assassination.

When Madavi heard this tragedy she could not bear the sorrow and took spiritual shelter under a Buddist monk Aravana adikal in Poompuhar. He made her to overcome the sorrow with the facts of impermanence of life through Buddha's life and teachings. Research says that Madhavi must have already been spiritually initiated in early years towards Buddism.

She also donated all her property to poor people in presence of Aravana adikal and became a nun to shed her bad karma by service. She also made her damsel daughter 18 year old Manimekalai to become a nun.

Poet Seethalai saathanar says that when people in Poompuhar heard that Madhavi made Manimekalai as a Buddist nun they suffered like losing a precious gem in midst of dark ocean.

Manimekalai started her spiritual journey and she was already been exposed to reality of tragic life through her mother's life pattern with Kovalan.

She went to Manipallavam Island - Rameshwaram and met many Buddist monks. On Vaikasi Poornima - Buddha Poonima day she was given the initiation with service through food. Symbolically she was 

given a bowl called ''Amudha surabhi''. This symbolizes the everlasting compassion to all who suffer. Our mind is the real amudha surabi. It must have the attitude to serve others with selfless nature.

With that bowl Manimekalai came to Poompuhar, started feeding orphans, poor, handicap people and taught human values to prisoners and directed them to the path of ahimsa and darma.

 Manimekalai with her mother was directed to go to Vanji - modern Kodungaloor where she prayed to Kannagi and Kovalan in their tomb at Devi shrine. She also met Kovalan's Kannagi's fathers who were monks in Sankhya vihar.

She took many spiritual lessons and she was given a great property share by the fathers. With that she was directed to scholar rich Kanchipuram for higher studies and social work. She started the ''amudha surabi ara kattalai'' - organization through which she served many.

With the devotion to TRUTH through a tutor when we serve selflessly we can shed the bad karma and free from all unwanted bondages. Madhavi and Manimekalai were the real samples for this concept of cleansing a bad karma through selfless service.

Today is Buddha poornima the day Manimekalai got akshaya pathram - amudha surabi.

This is our mind with real selfless, unconditional compassion.

Feeding in sense has many meaning in Uni5 system. It can be food - body level, emotional support - mind level, intelligence - intellect level and making one aware about life in awareness level. Any one level service is required on this Earth to mankind. Please do it!

With regards.,


21.5.2016, Buddha Poornima day.

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