Deepawali and Kaala Bairava

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Deepawali and Kala Bairava

Bhrama Deva actually had 5 heads. Each head depicts body, mind, intelligence, awareness and consciousness. He was the creator. Once he has been well worshiped by Vedic people.

But legends say when man through in material intelligence evolves his ego also increased and he lost his conscious state. This is because he too now lost his awareness in many aspects.

This truth is being said by a deed done by Shiva.

Once Bhrama performed a great yanga and he was behaving with more smartness and ego.

At one stage he stopped offering ahuthi - ghee and few sacred prasad inside holy pier to each energy.

Immediately Shiva created Kala Bairava from his 3rd eye and Bairava peeled off Bhrama's head of consciousness.

Kala Bairava is being created in the grave yards of Varanasi.

He is the guardian for the holy city.

He is the energy of time, wisdom to shed our ego.

Ahorism cult started from Kala Bairva.

In Tamil Nadu all Kali and Maare amman idols are Bairavi forms [female energy within Kala bairava]

Each Shiva temple has kala bairava to whom night poojas are done.

All 51 Sakthi peetams are having kala bairava as the symbol of awareness to female energy for transformation to bhraman's state.

Deepawali is the day Bairava was created. This night is called ‘’kaala rathry’’.

So auspicious prayers can be done to him by Kala Bairava ashthithram and Shankara's kala bairava ashtakam.

He is the mrithyu energy for our boasting and self - ego attitude. 

Krishnapaksha ashtami day is the auspicious night for Bairava upasana.

The most horrible fearsome Bairava is in Katmandu Pasupathy nath temple.

Kasi Bairava shrine was once the time meridian line for India. English education removed that feature.

Bairava's vahanam is dog - symbol of time energy.

Aadhi shankara was tested for his ego-less state at Kasi  by Bairava in Chandaala form.

He also removes the fear of death.

So in this Deepawali let us focus in Kala bairava.


10.11.2015, Madras [Deepawali]

Jeshtaa Devi
Deepawali and Kedara Gowri Pooja for husband wife ...
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