From temple to world stage – [Article about Rukmini Devi Arundel’s renaissance in dance with great awareness]

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From temple to world stage – 1 [Article about Rukmini Devi Arundel’s renaissance in dance with great awareness]

When spirituality used music, dance and other fine arts as the bridge to connect the self with the supreme truth, temples welcomed people to dedicate them self for the promotion of arts and devotion to common man.

The above said idea was especially given to women. Women who could not lead a peaceful life at home, neglected woman, orphans, artists, spinsters can accept this path of art cum devotion at temple service.

Proper respect, recognition, care, food, clothing and shelter were provided to such women who came forward to serve the people through temples.


They are also named as DEVAR ADIYAR, THALI SERI PENDUGAL, NAM PERUMAN ADIYAAL, KOOTHIYAAL, PATHY ILL LAAR. I feel shame all these words are now being the worst abusive words in Tamil nation.

In later centuries because of various reasons these women lost their real service pride and forced to earn money through sexual practices and prostitution. Fine arts were their admiration to people.

Devadasi system brought illegal affairs in families and shame to religion.

So by beginning of 19th century A.D people across the nation stood against this system. In Tamil country many leaders under E.V.K.Periyar, Dr.Muthulaxmi Reddy, Mr.GopalaKrishna Mudhaliyar [my grandfather’s elder brother] etc stood against this by law and abolished Devadasi system.

I don't feel shame in telling that I come through a Devadasi family. I have a list of great respectful Devadasis who lived in Kongu Desam [Coimbatore, Erode area]

When social revolution and reformation happens sometimes few challenges also happens to arts, culture, traditions etc.

Very few social reformers like Narayana Guru Dev, Bharathiyar perform the action with awareness.

Same way when this devadasi system was under the check by social activists, fine arts - Carnatic music and Sadir nadanam [so called Barathanatyam] were under the threat.

Till the reformation, non-bhramins [sorry I am not against Bhramins] were handling these fine arts and their family dedicated their girls to temples as Dasis.

Thyagarajar, Deekshidar and Shyama Sasthrigal changed the frame work of music purely for devotion.

It is said that that Thyagarajar was just against Dasi's music and dance even at temples. Once he was very upset and angry with his few students who were singing and appreciating a local Dasi's JAWALI [Music composition along with dance]

At one context people started calling every dasi as ''VESI'' - pimp, prostitute.

It is very very common in Tamil Nadu when uneducated senseless people get into conflict use these words.

People were misguided to feel wrong about fine arts.

Non-bhramins stopped learning dance and music.

Today the whole globe admire, welcome, appreciate, learn, enjoy, relish, having bliss, do research, worship BharathaNatyam and Carnatic Music. But all are now in the hands of upper caste people especially in Chennai city who have much money.

The communities which abused these arts have taken them in their hands with Vedic make up.

Devadiya attam, koothiya attam has become Baratha sastra's high language of communication with God.

But this article is not to talk about caste or any communal actions.

This article will express the boldness and awareness of a great Tamil woman under the guidance and support of her foreign husband who has reformed - re-framed, re- worked, edited, added new life and took the abused SADIR ATTAM from slums of Devadasis and temples to stages of whole globe.

When law abolished and banded this dance inside temples, she took it out of the temples to public.

She made the common man to feel good about it.

She gave new respect as ''INDIA'S MOTHER DANCE FORM''

Her life dedicated to make transformation in this sacred art made me to write about it. Because her boldness made me through Sakthi foundation to take the high class Montessori education system to unnoticed villages of this Tamil nation. I salute Rukmini Devi.

Behalf of all Devadasi families who survived and living on this nation I make a great NAMASKARAM to Sreemathy.RUKMINI DEVI ARUNDEL - Founder of Adayar Kalashetra.

Will grow....

DR.M.Madeswaran [15.4.2015, Madras]

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