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7th century A.D

Thiru chengaatang kudi is a very fertile village near Mayavaram.

Paranjothy who was just 12 years old left the village with his mother's blessings towards Kanchipuram - the city of great wisdom.

He was fatherless and his mother wanted him to be a great scholar in Tamil and Shivism.

He was supposed to join under the great saint singer Appar's mut.

His father and ancestors were great brave elephant warriors under Chola Empire.

They made many to die and them self and died.

Paranjothy's mother wanted a transformation of peace and selftualism in the family.

But Paranjothy's previous birth actions [karmas] made him to save the Pallava prince from a wild elephant and became his close friend.

He learned war lessons and martial arts and appointed as army general under Pallava dynasty.

Pallavas faced a horrible war with Pulikesi 2 in Vathabi city of Gujarath. The war took place for 1 year.

Paranjothy saw a different looking God at the fort gate of Vathabi city and came to know that the God will remove all obstacles.

He also prayed to him that he will take him and install in a fresh temple in Tamil Nadu if he wins the war.

Pallavas defeated the northern empire and by that time tragedy and lessons gave by mother transformed Paranjothy's mind into peace, spiritual and he want to have a change.

He resigned his army general post and just took the idol of Vadhapi gate and left to his village where he erected a bifg shrine for Shiva along with this new looking God. He named it as ''Ganapateeshwaram''

This idol of Ganesa is the very first Ganesa in Tamil Nadu brought by Paranjothy in 7th century A.D.

Today also we can see the shrine in the village which is being praised by Appar and Sambandhar.

Later Muthu Samy Deekshidar sang the famous ''Vadhaapi Ganapathim baje''

When Marati kings ruled Tamil country from Tanjore, Vainayagar worship has been accepted by every one and today we can see plenty of Ganapathy in this state. 

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