Let us purify our ignorance - Deva Deepawali Special

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Let us purify our ignorance - Deva Deepawali article


The word makes the tongue to get relished with purity and divinity.

It makes the mind to think about the sins we have committed out of selfishness and ignorance.

The holy river Ganga is considered to be the selfless mother to accept all of us in a big world society.

She accepts every object thrown into her from a sacred flower to a decaying dead body.

Her appearance in Varanasi is worst with grave yards dumping human ashes, bodies etc.

But she accepts and never changes from her purity.

Acceptance of the situation and reality of people makes one to come out of all issues.

That acceptance is the medication for any problem in our life.

Water is the symbol of mind and it always refers to the instability nature of mind.

Ganga is the symbol of a pure mind with awareness about birth and death.

Her Varanasi Ghats remove the fear of death and physical attachment.

Her selfless nature made Shiva to hold her on his locks of hair and celebrate her.

He is being named as ''GANGADHARA'' - adorned with Ganga.

Just taking bath and performing rituals does not make us to transform.

It is the step to take forward to be selfless and serve the nature and all beings in name of TRUTH.

Baheeratha out of his selfless devotion made Ganga to come to Earth.

Every water body on land for a Vedic person is Ganga. Ganga is the symbol of service.

Deva Deepawali for Ganga on Karthik poornima [Thirukarthigai] is the day dedicated by our ancestors to have the celebrations and thinking about us.

Let the emotions be always for positive thinking.

Let the plans of minds be for constructive purposes.

The human intelligence thinks about water pollution and conservation.

Ganga pooja and arthi on Devadeepawali is not only physical and emotional and it must be taken to the awareness level to purify us from ignorance.

Happy Deva Deepawali! [25.11.2105]


Madras, 24.11.2015

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