Man can enjoy anything good - Yasan and Buddha

Man can enjoy any good pleasures - Buddha


He was the only son of a rich merchant in Varanasi.

Yasan was just 25 years old and he was having a deep search for the TRUTH about life.

His day to day life in Kasi and events made him to think about a solution to human sufferings.

Meanwhile Buddha came to Saranath and started his very first lessons to 5 disciples. Slowly Buddha's lessons and satsang were appreciated by many people and Kasi people also became aware about that.

One fine day Yasan left his home and he reached Saranath and saw Buddha's hermit.

He was attracted by appearance and grace of Buddha. Buddha saw Yasan's rich costumes, jewels and understood his need for wandering.

Buddha called him to his hermit and asked to take a seat before him.

He slowly explained the very basic concepts about life and moksha.

Yasan was admired with the simple explanation which made him to get clarified with many doubts.

In one context Yasan felt shy that he is looking very rich with various garments and jewels and he need to shed.

Buddha says, ''Dear Yasan! Need not worry about the outer appearance. Be simple. But try to understand that beauty must not spoil your senses. It has to be enjoyed and appreciated as nature has made it. But you must not just be with it and get addicted to luxury. For a family man basic needs has to be fulfilled and he can enjoy any good pleasures without addiction.''

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