Siddarth [Buddha] taking sanyasam

Siddarth [Buddha] taking sanyasam


Anoma river bank....slowly it was the time to start the day's fresh sawn.

Siddarth from Kabilavasthu came to that place with his chariot rider - best friend Santhagan.[Sanna]

Siddarth Gowtham has started his final voyage towards the search of medication for all human sufferings at the age of 29.

He stopped at the river bank and looked back at the direction of his home town and asked his friend to go back soon.

Sanna, ''Dear friend - prince how can I face your parents, wife and son? This world will abuse my action for taking and dropping you here. It is better to stay along with you for your service.''

Siddarth smiled and says,

''Friend! I am proud to have a friend like you who is selfless. This world will praise you one day for taking this task of making me free from all bonds. We all have to depart one day and that separation is very sad. I agree. But now it is your duty to convey my sanyasam to all our royal people and public. If I am in success with my task we will meet one day in this life. I have few things to be handed over to my father. Please take them.''

Siddarth removed his precious crown, royal sword and waist belt with gems and pearls.

He also gave few gifts - his rings and bracelets to Sanna and cut his long curly hair as the symbol of transformation. Hair is the symbol of ego.

He then saw a hunter wearing saffron dress and he asked for that. He also gave away his precious garments to that hunter and said, ‘‘Please do not harm and animals and birds for fun'' - This is the very first bodhanaa Siddarth gave.

On his way to Kabilavasthu sanna's horse [Kandagan] also died.

Like Ayodhya without SriRama Kabilavasthu suffered without its lovable prince!

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