Siddarth transforming into Buddha - Buddha Poornima day event

Siddartha becoming Buddha


538 B.C, Vaikasi month 6th day

The day was Vaikasi Poornima - Buddha - Guru Poornima

After Siddartha taking a bowl of porridge from Sujatha he took abode under the five branched Bodhi tree - peepal tree.

The five braches depicts the 5 Sankhya thathva - Body mind intellect awareness and consciousness

A grass cutter named Swasthika came across him and offered a hand full of dharpai grass which sustain the sun light and used for all rituals.

Siddartha sat upon that grass spread and started entering into deep stage of self-analysis and meditation by which evening came.

The full moon raised at east as the symbol of awareness and Siddartha has his final quiries as strong conflicts or inner quarrels between his self-ego and self-truth.

This self-ego is depicted as ''maara'' - energy of material pleasure.

Buddha later narrates how he faced and struggled very hard to overcome the maara on this day as follows...

The oldest historical documentation of Buddha's life is ''Lalitha visthaarnam''. The 18th chapter by Tham anandha Kousambi describes Buddha's narration about his tough time with maara.

Maara says,

''Dear one, you are so weak, you are dark and death is approaching you''

''I am sure that death will happen to you. Only one percent chance is there for you to escape and survives. So escape from death. That is always good for doing many nice things in life.''

''Through bhramachariyam and Vedic rituals with fire alone you gain many things. But you like moksham and that is why? Moksham is very difficult and beyond the dreams.''

Siddartha answers to Maara as follows,

''Dear Maara! You are the friend to people who deserve materialistic pleasures. I am not distracted by you, please move away. I need not gain any good deeds to attain any pleasures.

I am serious, sincere and well-focused to attain moksham - nirvanam. You need not worry and discuss about my life span.

A wind can make river to get dry soon but no one can distract a person who is very strong in his aim to attain great things. You cannot dry my blood and even though my whole blood drains, body dries and become so weak my abilasha within mind will never change. I attain jeeva samadhi and then again focus in nirvana.

So you cannot distract my attention with desires.


A mind without contentment

Hunger and thirsty

Strong desires





Always aim to gain something - rewards - expectation

Illegal way of attaining fame

Self-boasting are the most horrible forces of yours to defeat a man.

I am not worried or scared about them

Do not waste your energy like a bird poking a red stone as a flesh piece.''

Then Siddartha defeated Maara and entered into next state of awareness. By this time he saw his mind id being distracted with beautiful women - symbol of pleasures and desires.

Then his thoughts about his nation and relatives distracted him and he took over came that.

Finally his mind was attacked with the horrible thoughts about wife, son, parents and he overcame them.

In that single night Siddartha went into 4 state of awareness.

yaamam 1 - Maara war - defeating all materialistic pleasures and desires

Yaaman 2 - actions and reasons for birth-death cycle

Yaamam 3 - Gananm

Yaamam 4 - freedom from thoughts and worries

Now siddartha became Buddha by sun rise.

We celebrated Guru poornima because any true tutor makes us to transform like Buddha.

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21.5.2016, Madras - Buddha Poornima day

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