Sakthi Foundation

KAAMAGYA – spot of cosmic birth

Conscious - Brhamam's salana transform into energy - Sakthi.

Sakthi manifests into 5 natural elements [Pancha bhoothas]

Combined chemistry of 5 natural elements creates the cosmic pattern with perfection. From largest milky way to quark.

All the living beings on Earth also come under this excellent cosmic plan's creation.

Sakthi is the prakruthi - nature.

Sakthi keeps on changing from one form to other and it has the power for patterns and creations which were seeded by the male - bhraman.

So Sakthi is symbolized as female energy of the cosmos and humans see female energy in all higher level living organisms.

When early man understood this secret of creation which is also for him, he started respecting the female energy. He wondered the patterns and started giving various forms to the female energy.

He also observed the pain undergoing by a female body to deliver a new life on Earth and various selfless attitudes of female energy in creating a new life.

He also observed the vagina - door for every mammal on Earth to look the Earth and step to start the journey of desire.

This vagina is YONI. Man started praising and wondering the nature of vagina and also its importance in creation of new life. This is the path for bhraman to seed for creation and it is the same path for the created fresh life to step upon Earth to fulfill the karmas.

This yoni is being related to entire cosmic energy as Parasakthy's vagina and man in India started worshipping the vagina.

Scriptures say once Indians performed the gesture of yoni mudra daily to feel the respect for mother and wife.

By this the unwanted feelings about this female organ slowly ges away from mind.

51 Sakthi peetams were considered to be the celebrating sights for each female organ to self-realize the cosmic energy.

Among them Gauhathi - Assam KAMAGYA TEMPLE is the first and for most Sakthi peetam. It is YONI PEETAM.

The sanctum has the natural YONI from which reddish fluid ooze out for 3 days once in a year. These 3 days are considered tto be the menstrual cycle of cosmic energy for universal creation and lakhs of people gather to celebrate.

The word KAAMA means desire. An atman's desire makes to take a birth with a body. Through a mother's vagina that atman lands on Earth to undergo the actions.

So Kamagya is the perfect name given by our ancestors to this Sakthi peetam.

MahaLaxmi [energy of cosmic plan] and Mahasaraswathy [intelligence energy for creation] are installed on either sides of Devi Kamagya.

It is the land of female Ahories next to Varanasi and headquarters for tanthric cult.

Similar such temple in down south is Chenganoor in Kerala where Mahadeva temple has Devi given menstruation.

Kamagya is the symbol of our REASON TTO TAKE BIRTH. Kamagya symbolizes our mother who took pain to give birth. Kamagya symbolizes every wife through who a man seeds for next generation.

The same way when we stand before Kamagya Devi we focus on moksham - birth less state - attaining the stage of conscious TRUTH.

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