Thiruvilayadal puranam - 16. Selling Rubies The Pandyan who lost his SAL energy

16. Selling Rubies The Pandyan who lost his SAL energy

Veerapandyan was an insignificant king. But he desired pleasures, especially the company of women. Indulging in sex lowers our SAL energy considerably. One of the reasons for our country’s poverty is the indulgence of kings and leaders in excessive sex. When we see the youth today propagating living in and free sex, the future of our country seems very dark indeed. Veerapandyan had many children through many women. Despite that he had no heirs from his chief queen. The king and the queen followed several rites to somehow get a child and finally succeeded. The crown goes missing Modern research shows that children born of illicit relationship do not have a healthy mind. When Veerapandyan died unexpectedly, his illegitimate children looted the treasury and went away to different kingdoms. He had been attacked and killed by a tiger in the jungle. In all this, the crown embellished by the nine gems was also lost. What is a crown? The crown worn on the head stands for awareness. Only those who think they and their people are the same are eligible to wear the crown. The Nine Precious Stones Each of the nine precious stones stands for a human quality. By wearing them, we can increase our life force to some extent, say the scriptures. But just wearing jewels engraved with these stones is of no use. The nine stones are: 1. Ruby 2. Pearl 3. Coral 4. Emerald 5. Yellow sapphire 6. Diamond 7. Blue sapphire 8. Hessonite 9. Cat’s eye The nine stones are available on earth. Earth represents the physical body. The nine stones have nine properties associated with the body. Deities in temples are decorated with the different precious stones because they have the ability to increase the life force. Every spiritually significant place be it Madurai, Srirangam, Srivilliputtur or Tirupathy bedecks the idols of the deities with jewels for this reason. The ritual of using specific jewels at specific times is also related to this. The diamond nose stud of Madurai Meenakshi, the snake diamond of Kanyakumari and the golden tower of Srirangam all have been used to rejuvenate the natural power of the earth. This was why Meenakshi and Uttara Kosa Mangai have been carved from emerald. The temple tower in Thiruvalangadu was decorated with gemstones, which is why it was called Rathanmbalam. The king would wear a crown with all nine stones so that his life force may increase. And now the crown of the Pandya dynasty was missing. More importantly, the precious stones had been stolen. Where to buy similar stones? Even if they had the money, they should be able to source it in the first place. What is the significance of losing the crown? It shows that the Pandyas had lost all the life force they had collected through spiritual practices. Indulging in sensual pleasures had negated all the spiritual energy they had built up. Now the king must realise and his awareness increase. Young Pandya Veerapandya’s five year old son through the chief queen had to be crowned the king and there was no crown for coronation. The minister, not knowing what to do, surrendered to god. When the highest knowledge is lost, only with divine guidance can it be retrieved. The Lord too came to Madurai as a seller of gems and explained to the royal family the significance of the gems. The young boy listened with heightened awareness and ruled with great after the coronation. He did not want to lose the gems, that is, the knowledge, again. This is the change of heart the gems achieved. Om Namah Sivaya!

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