Thiruvilayadal puranam - 18. The Union of Clouds

18. The Union of Clouds

Though Varuna was upset about the state of affairs, Indra instigated him into thinking arrogantly that there was nothing to fear from mere humans who depended on the Gods for their very lives.

Where are prayers and penance?

This is the state we are in even today. We do not care for nature. In those days - why, even ten years ago - we would perform yagas and chant Varuna’s name if monsoons failed. But today, because there is no unity among people, all that is lost. People are content so long as their individual lives run smoothly. We think someone else will take responsibility.

When Muthuswami Deekshitar was passing by Sathanur, he was dejected to see the land struck by drought. He sang in Amrithavarshini raga and brought rains to the region. Today musicians can come together to sing. But where is the money in that?

Indra and Varuna got together to inundate Madurai overnight. While the people of Madurai were apprehensive, Abhisheka Pandya did not bother and with people representatives, went deep in meditating on Lord Siva. Yagas to protect the city from the rains were conducted in the temple.

Suddenly four large cloud bodies came together and prevented the rains from flooding Madurai further. The people thanked Lord Siva for the miracle. Because four big clouds protected the city, it is also called Naan Maada Koodal.

Inner Meaning

Varuna and Indra together trying to overwhelm Madurai signifies the water-like heart conniving with the senses to overwhelm the inner awareness.

The four clouds created by the Supreme Power represents the supreme knowledge experienced through the four factors – body, mind, intelligence and awareness  - and stands for knowledge.

When seen from far, the tall temple towers of Madurai resemble the four clouds protecting Madurai.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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