Thiruvilayadal puranam - 15. Explaining the Vedas

15. Explaining the Vedas

The greatest wealth our ancestors have preserved for us is the Vedas.

What is Veda?

It addresses the question, ‘What is the purpose of human life’ in the most spiritually scientific ways.

It explains the natural laws right from the time the world was to the evolution of man.

They propound that the root cause of this world is the Truth or Brahmam. The disturbance within Brahmam is creation. In the universe, the supreme power became the five elements, which finally led to the creation of man.

We must have the realisation that the Universe is nothing other than Brahmam.

To realise that, we have to cross the stages of body, mind, intelligence and awareness.

When we are one with the Divine, we can realise that the entire universe is within us and we are in the universe, the two are not separate. This is the Truth.

So that we may realise this Truth, Vedas created means for us to worship the Divine and gave it many forms.

By meditating on the different deities, we internalise their qualities and become that deity ourselves.

Vedas have laid down several rituals so that we may realise this and achieve that state.

By realising this truth, man can overcome all fears and doubts.

Salvation is freedom from all worries and attaining happiness.

For that we must give up arrogance and ego through knowledge.

For that we need proper spiritual training and practice.

We need a proper guru to train us correctly. Through that guru we must become aware of the guru within us.

Once the soul becomes one with the Divine, the birth cycle ends. We are eternally happy. Joys and sorrows, good and evil also merge with the supreme being.

Vedas train us for this.

The structure of the universe and every living thing is the same. Therefore the Vedas conclude that the divine is in everything.

Guru Dakshinamurthy inspires us to write the briefest and easiest to learn Vedas. This is what he told the sages Kanva, Sandilya and Karkka when he was in Madurai for a year, doing Siva Puja.

During Kali Yuga, people are confused and ignorant about the Vedas. Only when man removes this ignorance can he realise the truth. That is why these sages learnt the meaning of the Vedas in a simple manner from Lord Chokkar of Madurai.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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