Thiruvilayadal Puranam - 13.Overcoming Indra’s Arrogance

13. Overcoming Indra’s Arrogance

There was constant conflict between Pandyas and Indra, especially since Indra was envious of the Pandyas.

Indra’s Fears

Our arrogance tells us to always let our five senses be focused on self-awareness. This also indicates our fear that in the pursuit of higher principals, we may lose our ability to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Pandya kingdom suffered a drought. People and other living things died of hunger and thirst. Chera and Chola kingdoms also faced the same situation. So the kings of the three kingdoms bowed before Sage Agastya who resided in Pothigai hills.

The significance of the drought in Pandya kingdom is that the people in that kingdom also lack material interest. Through that they want to realise the Supreme Truth. Imitating others is a common trait among people. Cheras and Cholas too aspired for spirituality like Pandyas. But their senses do not accept this. So all three suffer from the same malaise. At such a time, they need a guru to guide them without faltering.

Agastya’s advice

Agastya understood the plight of the three kings. He guided them on the path of Siva, the highest path to overcome the senses. He especially told them to undertake fasting on Mondays.

The three followed the Guru’s advice and then went to meet Agastya again. He told them that all those who can control their heart will have a smooth life, and blessed them with the ability to see Indra. That is, they were able to understand the root cause of their desires.

Indra welcomed them but did not give them due respect. Chera and Chola kings again lost themselves in sensual pleasures. So they worshipped Indra and obtained many boons. They also asked for rains for their lands. That is, they again desired a life of pleasure.

But the Pandya king lost in Siva consciousness did not forget himself. His kingdom suffered from many difficulties. Finally Ugra Pandya used against Indra the ring weapon  given by his father. The ring is the circle that encircles the heart in knowledge. Overcome by that weapon, Indra gave rains to Pandya kingdom.

Our scriptures do not stop those pursuing spirituality from enjoying sensual pleasures. But for that too you must spend your life force. That will deplete all spiritual energy which has to be regained through penance.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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