Thiruvilayadal puranam - 19. All knowing Siddhar

19. The All-knowing Siddhar

‘Ellam Valla Siddhar’ sits peacefully with his fingers in chin mudra in the sanctum sanctorum to the right of Durga’s sanctum sanctorum near the abhisheka teertham.

He bestowed Sakthi Foundation with 12A 80G status

It is customary for devotees to offer flower cones when their prayers are answered. Sakthi Foundation too offered the flowers when we got 80G certification honestly and without much cost when we prayed to the Siddhar.

There is also a copper idol of the Siddhar near the deity. His naughty smile is so attractive!

“Foolish man, why do you crave for physical pleasures, ignoring the supreme pleasure of seeking the Ultimate Truth? Isn’t it by the Divine’s grace that the world goes round? Instead of appealing to siddhars and the other deities for satisfying material needs, if you were to seek spiritual growth, then you could become the all-knowing one yourself and get what you want even before asking for it!

Why do you seek the enlightened ones for your material needs? They also lose their way seeking such pleasures. And, in addition to that, there are pretenders too.

Enlightenment means attaining knowledge. When that is offered to the god, then the mind loses itself. When the mind and body transcend pleasures, then knowledge and awareness merge. The Truth will be revealed and that is true knowledge.

Everything is one. When we realise the truth that the universe and we are not separate, and live our lives in that realisation, then everything that we seek will reach us on its own. That is enlightenment.

In addition to that, one can attain the eight types of knowledge through special practices and use it for the good of all. Instead if they use it for personal gains, then they will lose that energy.

The great saints like the Alwars, Nayanmars, Adi Sankara, Ramanujacharya, Bharathiyar, Arunagirinathar, Ramana Maharishi and the 18 Sidhars as well as north Indian saints such as Tukaram and Meera used their spiritual powers for realising the truth and for the good of the society. That is why these days those who attain enlightenment do not do much for others – how long can one live off others’ energy?

So people should draw in the divine power, then everything around them will be enlightened!”

Suddenly the Siddhar appeared in the streets of and spoke to the people, creating awareness. The people realised that till now the Divine had been working miracles in Madurai and that day it had assumed a shape.

Even today when people pray sincerely, the divine often reveals itself in the form of Siddhar.

In 2001, I was feeling very low and despairing. I sat near the lotus pond in the temple, unable to answer some of the questions life posed.

Madurai Siddhar that I Glimpsed

At that moment I saw a very dignified old man with all the marks of a Siddhar walking into the Kasi Vishwanathar sanctum sanctorum.

Sakthi Foundation – An Achievement

Today, all of Sakthi Foundation’s activities – be it education initiatives, learning music, treating the unwell, the funds we get – all are a result of the blessings of this Siddhar, isn’t it?

Realise how each moment is a blessing from him.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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