Thiruvilayadal puranam - 20. Feeding sugar cane to stone elephant

20. Feeding Sugarcane to Stone Elephant

The Pandya who was ruling at the time came to know that a Siddhar had visited his kingdom and conducted a discourse. He was very surprised and eager to meet the enlightened one, use his powers.

So he sent his soldiers to escort the Siddhar. Will such an enlightened one oblige? Such people have neither fear nor desire and so he refused to visit the king in his palace.

What this means is that the mind clears only with intense practice, not by force. It also shows that pure minds do not seek worldly pleasures.

The next day was the first day of the Tamil month Thai, when the sun changes its direction. The people of Madurai celebrate Makara Sankranthi very beautifully. Sun symbolises awareness of the divine truth.

The Pandya king also makes preparations for the event and visits the temple. There he sees the Siddhar meditating in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the Siddhar.

The king is very angry and his pride stands in the way of seeking the enlightened one.

‘There are too many false priests these days. Minister, who is he and why does he ignore the king?’ he asked arrogantly. The Siddhar heard him but remained calm.

Noticing some people carrying sugarcane in their hands, he merged his consciousness with that of one of the eight stone elephants around the main temple tower, the Indra Vimanam. At that, in front of all assembled, one of the elephants raised its trunk, snatched the sugarcane and ate it.

The king became angrier. He could not accept that the Siddhar’s powers were higher than his. He started abusing the Siddhar even more when the elephant snatched his pearl necklace. The king’s knowledge prevailed and he was contrite.

He becomes humble and as he bows before the Siddhar, he realises the enlightened one’s true state. He seeks the boon of an heir and is blessed with a healthy boy who was Vikrama Pandya.

He also realised that it was not the ‘I’ in the king that protected his kingdom or his dynasty but his mind which the embodiment of the divine.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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