Thiruvilayadal Puranam UNI5 - Introduction

Sakthi Foundation – Tamil CAC class

Introduction – Thiruvilayadal Puranam


Om Sat Gurubhyo Namaha


Om Sreem Hreem Gleem Gloum Gam Ganapataye

Varavaradha saravajanam mein vashamaha ye svaha


Sree Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Parabrahmane Namo Namaha


In a good school, students train under very capable teachers. They enthusiastically participate in the class, imbibing all that is taught, thus increasing their knowledge and awareness. But it is natural that sometimes while learning they will face hurdles.

At such a time, when the student tries to succeed in his endeavour and because of this desire, steady mind, and eagerness, he undertakes many exercises, but is still unable to succeed. Realising it is no use to try this alone any further, without hesitation, believing firmly that he can achieve nothing more, he surrenders to his teacher saying, “Sir, despite repeated attempts I am unable to take up this training further. Help me! Help me so that I can understand and become aware about this subject better.” The teacher will encourage him and guide him so that he can achieve as per his maturity level; or train him himself.

The above mentioned concept can be called as the best example to explain how the power called ‘God’ works his miracles! The Ultimate Power, Brahmam, constantly helps true devotees for their benefit as well as for the larger good. Those who are very spiritually aware comprehend this.

India has thousands of holy places. Madurai is one of the best known among the divine lands in southern Tamil Nadu.

It is one of the leading Sakthi Peethams. Idol, land and holy waters – it is special in all forms. Madurai is a symbol of India’s ancient civilised culture. Western historians praise Madurai as the ‘Greece of East’. Madurai shows in an obvious, practical way the deep philosophy of how Sakthi can become Sivam in ways suited to the times.

Epics, old Tamil literature, devotional texts and modern day movies all show Madurai’s greatness and historicity very clearly.

A family’s history is handed down through the oral tradition. Similarly, the story of a dynasty or a land can be also be preserved and perpetuated.

Similarly, some spiritual researchers have recorded some unique, superior developments in the political, social, spiritual, religious spheres in Madurai over the years. Ramayana is the story of a king; Mahabaratham is the story of conflict between relatives; Bagavatham records how the Supreme manifests itself in the world. Similarly, one can say that Thiruvilayadal is the story of a city.

Much historical literature exists about many great cities of the world. But there is a difference between them and the history of Madurai.

This epic shows how the various socially responsible kings, devotees, common people, and others living in the city made their lives meaningful with heightened spiritual awareness.

From then to today, God has been showing his presence to his devotees through miracles. But among these, why were only 63 made part of the epic?

There are many miracles happening every day in the lives of people who have tasted success because of their simple faith in Lord Sokkanatha, lighting camphor in his name in the morning before starting work. But what makes these 63 miracles different from them? Because these miracles have happened in the lives of those who have surrendered with unshakable faith at the feet of the Lord. Others only think of God as a support for them, their lives, their work.

The epic has stories of people who have realised that it is the divine within them that runs their lives. They have been aware that even their blowing the dust away is because of the divinity within them. It is possible that the miracles that have happened in their lives may happen in the lives of other people too today. Every miracle is the answer to the many questions that arise within us. But for those who seek spiritual development with a passionate thirst, every moment is a miracle.

Madurai city made us what we are today.

Till this moment, the fragrance of the city forms our life breath.

This retelling of the epic by Uni5 is an expression of gratitude to our Motherland in words inspired by the divine and His blessings.

Our Offerings at Lord Siva’s feet!

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