Thyagarajar and Kovur temple [musical history]

‘’Gold coins are not mine’’ – Kovur pancharathnam


375 years old Madras - Chennai city is a combined masala of many ancient small towns and villages with wonderful Tamil names.

One such beautiful village now inside Chennai is Kovur - Ko + Ur = Kovur [place were cows were grazed or a place for a big cows dairy farming]

This is next to Porur - place where harvested hay are lumped for sale.

Kovur is 5.5 kms from Porur.

The village is so calm with age old buildings. The tall gopuram [temple tower] which has shown its face in many cinemas and serials is Sowdarya Nayaki samedha Sunderaswarar koil.

It is a small temple but with neatness and great legend.

The temple is so neat but idols can be maintained with more awareness.

Shiva Lingam is very big and vibrating with the syllables of Saint Thyagarajar's Kovur pancharathna krithis.

Devi gives a motherly charming look.

A bronze idol of bikshadanar has just placed like a worn out doll in a corner. Bronze icons of 63 nayanmars, Somaskandar are great feast to eyes.

The street before the temple vibrates with the chipla thalam and thambura of Thyagarajar.

Veenai Kuppaier, Valajapettai Venkaramana bahavathar and other disciples accompany him to Kovur on the way to Thirumala.

Kovur Sunderasa Mudhaliyar a great fan of Thyagarajar and charity person invited the saint singer with great respect to this village and made the local people to enjoy the bajans and satsang of Thyagarajar.

He gave few gold coins to saint as Guru dakshinai but he refused. But Veenai Kuppaier got them and hid inside the wooden palanquin.

When the group started their journey, few thieves tried to loot the wealth. Thyagarajar said that he has nothing other than the thinking of Thirumala yatra.

Students said that they have collected the kanikai given by many people for Thirumala hundi and few gold coins from Kovur Mudhaliyar. Thyagarajar said that all belongs to Lord and they need not worry. 

The journey went on and few thieves continued. Suddenly after a while they started shouting ''please leave us, do not hit us'' and they ran to Thyagarajar and pleaded him to stop his servants to hit them with stones.

Saint was confused and every one was the same.

Thieves said that 2 dark servants carrying the palanquin are throwing stones upon them and also showed the bleeding and Thyagarajar realized the omnipresence of his Lord as Rama and Laxmana and made the thieves to feel that and excused them.

The selfless nature will always take care of us. That is cosmic truth.

In Kovur I just enjoyed this history and saw his krithis as carving and the Gopuram is being decorated with many stucco idols of this legend.

Mahakavi Kalidasa and Ujain Mahakali
Mamallapuram - legend upon rocks - English version

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