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Uni5 Thirupaavai


I thank Pranav for making me to write this for his spiritual journey.

1. Maargazhi thingal, madhi niraindha nan naa laal


neeraadap podhuveer, podhumino nayr ezhai eer


seer malgum aai paadi selva sirumeer gaal


koor vel kodum thozhilan Nandha Gopan kumaran


yeraarndha kanni Yasodhai ilam singam


kaar may ne sengan kadhir madhiyam pol mugathaan


Naaraayananay namak kay parai tharuwaan


paaror pugazha padindhey lo rem Paavai!

[When we start the auspecious Margaazhi nonbu - fasing to Durgaa Devi on the full moon day she will make the son of Yasodha and Nandha Gopa [Krishna] to express his acceptance and compassion upon us. Durga is everyone’s inner awareness. Krishna the ultimate self-realized person can lead us to the goal of moksham. So let us wake up at dawn and get ready for sacred bath. Each day Aandal wakes up a girl within her who is the symbol of her own female energy of desires to move towards Moksham]

Raadhaa and all Gopies observed this vratham in Vrindhawan. So Aandal also observed.

In Thirumalai for Margazhi 30 days Lord listens to Thirypaavai alone and not Suprabatham.

In Srivilliputhur daily they play, act this viratham for 30 days with Aandal. She is taken to the pond where she observed this viratham and perform great bath by fixing wig, essenced oil, abishekam etc. Morning she goes as Aandal and evening she returns in Krishna's form that is she has transformed. See you tube for Srivilliputhur ennai kaapu utsavam.

Paavai - Durga, Kaadhyaayani Devi in Vrindhawanam.[Sakthi peetam]


2. Vai yath thu vaazh veer gaal


naamum nam Paavaik ku;


sayium kiri saigal, kay lee ro paar kadalul


pai ya thuindra, Paraman adi kaati


nei unnom, paal unnam, naar kaalay neeraadi;


mai ettu yezhudho, malar ettu naam mudiyom


seiyaadhana seiyom, theek kural sendru odhom


aiyamum pichai yum aandha naiyum kai kaati


ui umaaru enni ugandhey lo rem paavai


Let everyone residing on this sacred Earth unite and perform this Paavai nonbu for the well fare of every being. This is being done to get the blessings of Paramaa - the seed of all creations who resides in Milky Ocean upon Aadhisehan.


Let us avoid sensual pleasures for 30 days like taking ghee, milk, flowers, and applying kaajal to eyes and take bath at dawn by chanting the names of almighty with awareness. We will practise good virtues and avoid unacceptable actions. Let us avoid abusive words, gossips and blamings. Let us offer charity to poor people.



 3. Ongi ula ga landha


uthaman payr paadi


naangal nam paavaikku


saatri neer aadinaal


theengu endri naadu ellaam


thingal mum maari peidhu


ongu perum sen nelloodu kayal ugala


poonguwali podhil pori vandu kan paduppa


thengaa dhey puku erundhu


seertha mulai patri


vaanga kudam niraikkum


vallal perum pasukkal


neegaadha selvam


nirandhelo em paavaai?


If we perform this Margazhi month Paavai [Durga] festival properly by chanting the sacred names of Lord who measured all the worlds, the nation will receive good monsoon. By rain agriculture and dairy farming will be well developed which are the stable wealth source for a nation. By this rain all water sources will be filled with water and paddy farms will be seen with fishes jumping and playing. Cows will give pots of milk. Honey bees will sing hymns too]


4. Aaazhi mazhai Kannaa!


ondru nee kai kara vayl


aazhiyul pokku mugarndhu kodaarthu yeri


uoozhi mudhalwan uruwam pol mei karuththu


paazhiyan thol udaiya Padhmanaaban kaiyil


aazhi pol mini, walam puri pol nindru adhirndhu


thaazhaa dhey udaitha tha Saarnga sara mazhai pol


vaazha ulaginil peidhidaai, naangalum


maargazhi neeraada magizhn dhey lo rem Paavai!


I pray to Lord of Rain to show upon our lands like the arrows of SriRama in battle field to remove the poverty. You have to drink water from oceans and change your cloudy nature with the dark complexion like my Lord. You have to liht like the Sudarsana Chakram of my Lord and blow the thurder like his conch. By this monsoon rain our water bodies will be filled with enough water and we will have nice sacred bath.


5. Maayanai mannu vada Madurai maindhanai


thooya perum neer Yamunai thurai wanai


aayar kulathinil thondrum ani vilakkai


thaa yai kudal vilakkam seidha Dhamodharanai


thooyomaai vandhu naam thoo malar thoovi thozhudhu


vaayinaal paadi, manadhinaal sindhikka, poya pizhaiyum


pugu tharuwaan nindranavum, theeyi nil thoosaagum


sep pay lo rem Paavai!


This song insists upon the importance of Naama jepa and bajan with dance which makes us to shift to the great awareness level and correct our mistakes. When we perform bajans, naama jepam towards the truth who lived in Mathura city, who got separated from his mothet immediatley after delivery, one who played across the banks of sacred Yamuna who clean the ignorance of devotees and perform Vedic rituals perfectly with awareness, our ignorance - seed for sin will be made into ash like a cotton inside fire.


6. Pullum silambina kaan pul arayan koil


wayl lai vili sangin pay rarawam kayt tilai yo?


Pillai ehuzhudhiraai pei mulai nanjundu


kalla sakadam kalak kazhiya kaaloch chi


vellath thu aravil thuil amarndha vithinai


ullath thu kondu muniwargalum Yogigalum


mella ezhundhu ''Hari'' endra pay rara wam


ullam pugundhu kulirndhey lo rem Paavai?


[Importance of aiming to attain the eternal TRUTH]

Birds are cherping, white conch at temple is blowing, it is dawn and still my lazyness is not allowing me to wakeup, let me wak up my awareness to start the Maargazhi rituals towards the eternal truth which is being the seed for whole cosmos having yoga nithra in ocean, this TRUTH is being identified with a sacrec name ''Hari'' by all spiritual tutors, let us also chant that name and perform the ritual to Durga.


7. keesu keesu endru engum


aanai saathan kalandhu


paysina paych chu aravam, kaytilaiyo pei pennay?!


kaasum pirappum kala kala pakkai payr thu


vaasa narum kuzhal aaichiyar mathinaal


osai padutha thair aravam kaytilai yo?


naayaga pen pillaai, Naraayanan moorthy


Kesavanai paadavum nee kayt tay kidathiyo?


desam udaiyaai thira way lo rem Paavai


[Aanai saathan is a black long tail sparrow in Tamil Nadu which is cherping the names of Lord [every being on Earth can become aware sipirutally], cow herd women wearing beautiful fragrance flowers are churning curd and singing in praise of Lord, my dear friend please wake up and open the doors to celebrate the Narayana Moorthy, for that the Durga awareness must bless me]


8. Keezh vaanam vel endru yerumai siru veedu


meiwaan parandhana gaan mikkulla pillaigalum


powaan pogindraarai pogaamal kaathu unnai


koovu waan vandhu nindrome, kodhu kalam udaiya


paavaai ezhudhiraai, paadi parai kondu


maa vaai pilandhaanai, mallarai maattiya


Devaadhi Devanai sendru naam sayvit thaal


haa haa endru aaraaindhu arulaylo rem Paavai?


Eastern sky has become white with sun shine [symbolism of initiating towards wisdom], buffalo herds are going across our village, other friends have also started their journey towards pond for sacred bath, but I have asked them to stop for a while to wake up you, if you have this bath and celebrate the Lord who has resteling at Mathura city against Kamsa's men, he will bless you with all your needs saying ''haa haa my dear''.


9. Thoo mani maadhathu, sutrum villakku yeriya


dhoopam kamazha thuil anai mel kan walarum


maa maan magalay! mani kadhawam thaazh thirawaai


maameer awalai yezhup peero un magal thaan


umaiyo andri sayvido anandhalo?


yema perum thuil mandhira pattaalo?


maa Maayan Madhavan Vaikundhan endru naamam palavum


magizhndhelo rem Paavai


Dear aunt residing in my street1 can't your daughter wake up? She is sleeping in a room lighted with lamps and dhoop is smoking, I have called her for long time, she is not waking up, I think she is deaf or dump. Ask her to wake uo to chant the sacred names of Madhavan, Vaikundhan which will make us to sense the real bliss in life.


10. No true swargam pugu gindra am maanaai!


maatramum thaaroro vaasal thira waa dhaar?


naatrath thuzhai mudi Naaraayanan nammal


potra parai tharum puniyanaal pandu oru naal


kootrathin vaai veezhndha Kumbararnanum,


thotrum umakkay payum thuil thaan thandhaano?


aatra anandhal udaiyaai, arungalamay!


thetramaai vandhu thira way lo rem paavai?


The doors are the strong negative attitude not to change. In many places Aandal talks about strong doors.


Dear friend! you can attain the heaven by this Maargazhi viratham.

But you are not coming out and closing your doors.

Have you not heard that Narayanan wearing Tulsi malaai defeated Kumbakarna?

Ho I feel he has given his sleep as gift to you before he died!

Please come and open your door!


11. Katruk karavai kanangal pala karandhu


saytraar thiral azhiya sendru seru seiyum


kutram ondrum ill laadha Kovalar tham por kodiye!


putru aravu algul puna mayilay! podharaai;


sutrathu thoozhimaar ellaarum vandhu nin


mutram pugundhu mugil vavvan per paada


sitraadhe paysaadhe selva pendaatti ne


etrukku urangum porul elo rem Paavaai!


Aandal is aksing us to try the internal exercise of sheding more negative qualities. Most of the friends have accepted the Paavai nonbu and wokeup but you are still sleeping! You are here just to enjoy the bliss with Lord. You have been blessed with a rich life. You have lot of cows gining so much of milk. But you have to be thankful to the Lord who gave this know? Let us praise his dark beauty shining like raining cloud.


12. Kanaithi elam katru yerumai kandrukku erange


ninaithu mulai vazhiye nindru paal soora


nanaithu illam ser aakkum nar Selvan thangaai!


pani thalai veezha nin vaasal kadai patri


sinath thinaal then Elangai komaana sertra


manathukku eniyaanai paada nee vaai thiravaai!


eni thaan ezhundhiraai, ee dhenna pey urakkam?


anaithu illath thaarum arindhelo rem Paavaai?


Aanadal mentions about SriRama here as ''manathukku eniyaan'' - most sweetish person to my heart.

SriRam killed the king of Lanka. We have been blessed with a mouth to sing and praise him, so please wake up!.

He chopped Ravana's 10 heads like palm fruits.


13. Pul lin vaai keendaanai, pollaa arakkanai, killi kalaindhaanai, keerthimai paadi poi


pillaigal ellaarum paavai kalam pukkaar, velli ezhundhu viyaazhan urangitru


pullum silambinagaan, podharik kan ni naai,


kullak kulira kudaindhu neeraa daa dhe,


palli kidath thiyo? Paavaai nee nan naalaal


kallam thavirndhu kalandhelo rem Paavaai?




Dear mind do not me an actor to Lord. Remove your cunning nature. Have a real devotion.

See the dawn has come. Venus is bright and Jupiter is fading.

We have to go and enjoy the sacred bath in cool pond.

Blue lillies have closed their eyes and Neelothbalam flowers are blossoming.

Even sparrows are reday for rituals. [all living beings can attain awareness]

So wake up and come soon.


14. Ungal puzhak kadai thottathu vaaviyul


sengazhu neer, vaai naygizhndhu aambal vaai koombina kaan!


sengal podi koorai ven pal thavath thavar, thangal Thiru koil sangu eduwaan po thandhaar


engalai munnam ezhuppuwaan vaai paysum Nagaai! ezhundhiraai, naa naa dhaai, naavudaiyaai


sangodu chankaram endhum pangaya kannaanai paaday lo rem Paavaai!


Aandal teases upon crooked, psudo bakthy!

Dear friend you said that you will be the first one to get up and make us to get ready?

But still you are sleeping.

See, true saints in saffron dress are working for the people.

Flowers blossoming at night have closed their petals and moring flowers are opening their eyes to see the Lord with conch and chakram.

It feel sorry for your lazyness.


15. Yellay! elam kili ye! ennum urangudhiyo?


sil layndru azhaiyen meen, Nangai meer podhar gindren


vallai un katturaigal, panday un vaai aridhum


vallegal neega lay, naa nay dhaan aaeduga;


ollai nee podhaai unakku enna way ru dai yai?


ellaarum pondhaaro? pondhaar pol ennik kol


vallaanai kondraanai, maatraanai, maatru azhikka vallaanai Maayanai


paaday lo rem Paavaai?


No one must force spirituality.

This is the last friend she is waking up.

I will never be harsh to you. But I want you to think why you have come to live? Why we need to have a sleep of ignorance? This janma is to do bakthy and service with selfless nature in name of Lord who killed many demons ad he is the Maayan - measurement of time and forms.


16. Naayaganaai nindra Nandha Gopan udaiya koil kaappaa nay!


kodi thondrum thorana vaail kaappaa nay!


mani kadhawam thaazh thirawaai,


aayar sirumiyaromukku arai parai, maayan Manivannan, nen na lay vaai nerndhaan


thooyomaai vandhom, thuil ezha paaduwaan, vaalaas mun nam mun nam


maatraadhe Ammaa! nee...neya nilai kadhawam neekaylo rem paavaai!


* In this song she is surrendering to upa devathas [Jaya - Vijay, Navagrahas etc] as gate keepers of Yasodha's home at Vrindhawan. This song talks about family setup of India.

She addresses Nandhan and Yasodha as the care takers of the joint family as elders with experience about life. She also asks us to respect everyone from a gate keeper, guard.

She says that Lord has given promise to bestow with ''self-realization'' to devotees who do saadhanas like Gopies. She asks the gate keeper to wake up the family members to meet them. In this song she mentions about a huge well carved doors - moolaadhara chakra to proceed towards bliss of TRUTH.


17. This song insists about charity which begins from family. Nandha and Yasodha offer dress, water and food to poor people.


Ambara may! Than neeray! soray! aram seiyum


em perumaan Nandha Gopaalaa! Ezhundhiraai


kombanaarkku ellaam kozhubdhe, kula vilakkay!


em perumaati Yasodhaai! Arivuraai


ambara moodaruthu oongi ulagalandha


umbar komaanay! urangaai thuil ezhaai


sempon kazhal adi selvaa! Bala Devaa!


umbiyum neeyum ugandhelo rem paavaai!


In this song Aandal says a woman must be good in approaching and gaining the compassion and respect of the whole family of her husband. She asks Nandhan, Yasodha, Balarama to bless her to get the attention and compassion of Krishna. In this she stress about family's charity to public. Balaram is the symbol of witnessing nature.


18. SriRamanuja daily recites this hymn and go for Biksha, once when he stood before Aacharya Periya Aambi's home and recited this , Nambi's daughter came out with biksha holding in hands filled with many glass bangles. Ramanuja saw her as Radha and went into samadhi state. Nambi came there and told his wife and daughter that he recited this Thirupaavai and saw his daughter as Radha. In this Aandal [even though she is Bhoomidevi] surrenders to Radha as a student to direct herself to attain moksham.


Undhu madha kalittran oodaadha thol valiyan


Nandha Gopaalan marumagalay! Nappinaai!


Gandham kamazhum kuzhaleee, kadai thirawaai;


vandu engum kozhi azhaith thadhu kaan


maadhavi pandhal mel pal kaal kuil enangal koovina kaan


pandhaar virali un maithunan per paada


sendhaamai kai yaal seer aar valai oilppa


vandhu thiravaai magizhndhelo rem paavaai!


Dear Radha, daughter-in-law of Nandhan with many elephants! Please make to see your Lord who is sleeping. Please make me to get his vision. Please open the eide doors with gingling sounds of bangles! Please open the tall doors with your hands like red lotus. Cocks have given their dawn alarm, jasmin flowers are blossoming. You like to play ball with your Lord . She is prakruthi and Lord is braman. Ball is cosmos.


19. Kuthu villaku eriya kottuk kaal kattil mel,


methendra panja sayanathin mel eri


kothalar pooguzhal Nampinnai kongai mel


vaithuk kidandha malar maarbaa! vaai thirawaai!


mai thadham kan enaai! nee un manawaalanai


eth thnai polun thuil yezha ottaai kaan


eth thanai yedhum pirivaatra gil laa yaal


thathuvam andru thaga way lo rem paavaai!


In this song Aandal request Nappinai [Radha's Tamil name] to bless to give awareness about Lord.

She asks Lord to wake up who enjoys the divine yoga nidra.

''Let me also enjoys the compassion of Krishna like you!'' - says Aandal.


20. Muppathu moovar amararkku mun sendru


kappam thaviruk kum kaliye thuil yezhaai!


seppa mudai yaai, thiral udaiyaai, settraarkku


veppam kodukkum Vimalaa! thuil yezhaai!


sep panna men mulai, sev vaai siru marungul


Napinnai Nagaai! Thiruway! Thuil yezhaai!


ukka mum thatoliyum thandu un manaalanai


eppodhe yemmai neeraat tay lo rem paavaai!


Lord with Radha as your Sakthi , please wakeup within me as my TRUTH. All devathas are at your door steps to see you. You are the enemy to ignorance. I need to get a mirror to look myself [mirror mantabam was designed after this song] as your reflection and please bless me to cleanse my ignorance through this sacred bath.


21. Yetra kalangal yedhir pongi meedhu alippa


maatraadhe paal sorium vallal perum pasuk kal


aatrap padaith thaan maganay! arivu uraai


ootram udaiyaai, periyaai, ulaginil


thotramaai nindra sudaray! thuil yezhaai!


maatraar vali tholaindhu vandhu un vaasal kan


aatraadhu vandhu un adi paniyumaa polay


potri yaam vandhom pugazhndhe lo rem paavaai?!


Lord! You have 1000s of cows which can give 1000s of milk; you are surrendered by various kings in battle. You are abode for weak people. You are eternal light of all beings. Please wakeup with me as my TRUTH. Like those kings I am also shedding my ignorance and self-ego and falling at your sacred feet!


22. Angan maa naalathu arasar abimaana bangamaai vandhu


nin palli kattil keezhe, sangam eruppaar pol vandhu thalai peidhom


kingini vaai seidha thaamarai poo polay,


sengan siru siridhe yem mel vizhi yaawo?


thingalum aadithyanum yezhundaar pol


angan erandum kodu engal mel nokku dhi yel?


yengal mel saabam ezhindhelo rem paavai?


Defeated enemies are standing like slaves at your door steps. I am also one among them. Lord! Please open your reddish cool eyes like lotus blossoming and see us by which our sins and worries will be dissolved. Open your reddish eyes like the sun and moon rise at dawn and dusk.


Very important hymn for asking our wishes to be fulfilled in presence of Thaayar.

23. Maari malai muzhainjil manni kidandhu urangum


seeriya singam arivutru thee vizhith thu


way re mayir ponga eppaadum payrndhu udhari


moori nimirndhu muzhangi purap pattu


po dharumaa polay, nee poovai poo vannaa!!


nin koil nindru enga nay pondhu aruli, koppu udaiya


seeriya singaa sanath thu erundhu yaam vandha


kaariyam aaraandhu arulay lo rem paavaai!


Lord! Please come out of your bed room with Devi, like the lion walking majestically from its den and sit upon your throne. Please listen to my needs and wish me to attain all my needs with your energy. [Rangan walks like lion when he comes out]


24. This is the song Aandal like very much [research says]


Andru ev ulagam alandhaai adi potri!


Sendru angu Then elangai setraai thiral potri!


pondra sagadam udhaith thaai pugazh potri!


kandru kunilaai yerindhaai kazhal potri!


kundru kudai yaai eduth thaai gunam potri!


vendru pagai kay dukkum nin kaiyil vel potri


enrdu endrum un saywagamay yeththi parai kolwaan


edru yaam vandhom erangaylo rem paavaai?!


Lord! You have conquered Bali's ego and measured the universe. You have defeated the king of Lanka. You have stamped the chakra Demon, calf demon and lifted the mountain as umbrella. You have the spear of victory. I have nothing to ask other than praising you forever in all birth.


25. Oruthi maganaai pirandhu, oor eravil oruthi maganaai valara


tharukilaa naagi thaan theengu ninandha


karuthai pizhaithu kanjan vayitril neruppayna nindra nedu maalay!


unnai aruthithu vandhom parai tharudhi yaagil


thiru thakka selvamum sevagamum yaam paadi


varuthamum theerndhu magizhndhe lo rem paavaai!


All my sins and worries will be cured when you bless me with a wealth and selfless service to people and nature. This is the way to solve the worries of janmas. I pray to Lord who was born to a woman and became a beloved son of another woman within a night [Devaki - Yasodha]. I am performing this fasting with rituals only to shed my sorrows of life through service.


26. Maa lay! Mani vannaa! maargazhi neeraadu vaan


may lai yaar seivagal waynduvana kayttiyel


naalath thai ellaam nadunga muralwana


paallana vannathu un Paanja sanniya may


pol wana sangangal poi paadu udaiyana way


saalap perum paraiye pallaandu isappaaray


kol vilakkay kodiye vidhaanamay


aalin elaiyaai! arulay lo rem paavaai!


From this song Aandal prays for materialistic needs and finally moksham.


We are undergoing this maha viratham in Maargazhi month to get few things from you which will help us to transform. We need a conch as white as your Panchasaniyam, flags, and lamps for rituals to increase our SAL Energy, screens and drums. You are the one laying upon banyan leaf as small child ''vadapathra saye'', please give us all these.



27. This is another hymn recited in all Vaishnava shrines. On this day they offer pure ghee cooked pongal to all people with the prayer to Anna Lakshmi. All people must get food.


Koodaarai velli seer Govindhaa! un than nai,


paadi parai kondu yaam perum sanmaanam


naadu pugazhum parisinaal nandraaga


Choodagamay, thol walaye, thoday sayvi pooway,


paadagamay endru anaya pal kalanum yaam aniwom


aadai uduppom adhan pinnay, paal soru mooda nei peidhu


muzhangai vazhiwaara koodi erundhu kulirndhe lo rem paavaai!


EACH JEWEL HAS An INNER SYMBOLISM. Tamil poet Kambar gave a gem choodakam to Aandal with the money he got for writing Ramayanam. On this day evening Aandal will be taken to Gopuram and that choodakam will be offered.


Lord! You can make everyone to shed their ego and surrender to you.

I need every one to get enough food.

I need choodakam [awareness], rings for shoulders [always our hands must perform good actions], ear studs [Focusing to satsangams], anklets [traveling in the path of dharma], new garments [refined thoughts] and all basic needs of life.


28. Karavaigal pin sendru gaanam sayrndhu unbom


arivondrum illaadha aai kulathu un dhannai


piravi perun dhanai punniyam yaam udaiyom


kurai ondrum illaadha Govindhaa! un than nodu


uravel namakku ungu ozhiya ozhiyaadhu


ariyaadha pillaigalom, anbinaal un dhannai


siru per azhaithanavum seeri arulaadhe


eraiwaa nee thaaraai parai ye lo rem paavaai!


We will do cattle grazing and earn enough. We do dairy farming. We will share our earnings, food with all. We are not wise enough to understand the TRUTH. We are still ignorant. But YOU ARE THE ETERNAL TRUTH WITH PARIPOORNAM. So we request you to accept our rituals, prayers, simple bakthy and association. We cannot be without your association in any birth. How can an atman be away from bhraman?


29. ''I need only desire to realize and merge with you, please shed all other desires!''


Sitran sirukaalay, vandhu unnai sayvithu un pon thaamarai adikkay


potrum porul kay laai! petram maythu unnum kulathil pirandha nee


kutrewal engalai kolaamal pogaadhu,


ettrai parai kolwaan andru kaan Govindhaa!


yetraikkum yezh yezh piravikkum un than nodu


utromay aavom, unakkay naam aat seivom


matrai nam kaamangal maatray lo rem paavai!


In this divine dawn, we are performing the Paavai rituals and I ask the awareness - Durga Maha maaya to make me to have only one desire in any birth. I must have desire for TRUTH - Govindha. All other wishes must be shed.


30. Mangala aasaasana hymn.


Vanga kadal kadaindha Maadhavanai, Kaysawanai,


thingal thiru mugathu sei ezhaiyaar sendru erainji


angap parai konda aatrai ani Pudhuvai


paingamala than theriyal pattar Piraan Kodhai sonna


Sanga Tamizh maalai muppadhum thappaa may


engu ip parisu uraippaar eer erandu maal varai thol


sengan thiu mugathu selva Thirumaalaal


engum thiruvarul petru enburuwar em paavai!


If anyone recite these classical Tamizh hymns recited by Kodhai - beloved daughter of Pattar piran of Srivilliputhur with true awareness and bakthy, they will be blesses with all needs and moksham by the Lord with four shoulders who is named as Madhavan, Kesawan.




Diary writing in UNI5 CENTERS - NOVEMBER, 2015
Pungeri UNI5 Center talks about their Navarathry -...
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