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UNI5 Vaikunda Yekadesi

Yekadesi is the auspicious thithi for Vishnu worship.

In India many people take physical fasting on this day.

Each part of India celebrates any one Yekadesi as a very important one.

Pandaripur Pandu Ranga celebrates Aaashaata month Yekadesi.

SriRangam and other Tamil Nadu Vishnu temples celebrates Maagazhi month [Dec-Jan] Yekadesi as Vaikunda Yekadesi.


This month is called dhanur month in Sanskrith which is winter in all parts of the nation. In early morning people have time in olden days to wake up and spend lot of time in rituals and poojas. Taking bath in sacred tanks, pools, rivers are considered to be very special in this month and this month is considered to be the dawn for Devas.

This month gives lot of time for rituals and rest [olden India] to have pilgrimages also. A devotee has lot of time to enrich his SAL energy.

Sri Aandal hence selected this month for her fasting and worship to Lord Vishnu through her Thirupaavai.

In olden days unmarried women undergo fasting for Devi in this moth to have good husband.

An atman also under goes the same fasting and poojas to seek the abode and care of the Bhraman.

In SriRangam Lord performs the drama.

He acts like an atman that evolves from a simple state to conscious state.

The midnight before Yekadesi dawn is very special.

Lord takes MOHINI form. This Mohini depicts the illusion behind all objects and matters.  When we realize the truth we are free from stress and worries. By this mind is free and relieved from all desires at one stage. By this the mind never longs for another birth to relish the longings.

This is being dramatized in SriRangam.

Lord after Mohini form takes abishekam and wears the valuable gems stud kavacham - RATHNA ANGI, also wears the garland with many parrot - KILI MAALAI. Parrot is the symbol of saying truth.

He opens the doors - Vikunda vaasal and comes out and moves to the 1000 pillar hall which is the symbol of Vaikunda - liberated stage.

Along with lord idols of Aacharyas are taken out. This shows the importance of a guru in spiritual life.

So we need to understand the meaning of all these festivals and decorations and link with us to evolve. [Yekadesi in SriRangam - December 21st]


Madras, 20.11.2015 

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