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July 2015

Climbing a tree can improve cognitive skills, researchers say

Babies' brains show that social skills linked to second language learning

Mum’s the word: Maternal language has strong effect on children's social skills

How music training alters the teenage brain

Michelangelo likely used mathematics when painting the Creation of Adam

Child development: First and last syllables encoded better from birth on (when we used to tell in 2001 that a new born baby could understand all that the parents talked, many friends used to laugh as a crazy idea. Now modern research proves that baby's do understand language from birth. Modern science is yet to prove that even in gestation the infant can know the language). 

Bilinguals of two spoken languages have more gray matter than monolinguals

70 Percent of College Students Stressed About Finances

June 2015

Why Boys Are Performing Less Well at School, How to Fix It

Infant brains develop years faster than we thought

May 2015

Children Exposed to Multiple Languages May Be Better Natural Communicators

Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower final high school exam grades

April 2015

Kids With ADHD Must Squirm to Learn, Study Says

Genes May Be to Blame for Not Liking School (Ancient Indian Science has proved that Genetics are only an external expression on the inherent SAL Energy. So more than genes it is the inherent Energy of an individual even though it may be twins)

Well-Designed Classrooms Boosts Learning Progress

February 2015

How Much Math, Science Homework Is Too Much?

Teachers' Depression and Students' Learning

Similarity Between How Pigeons and Kids Learn (knowing this in Vedic science, pigeons were used as a mailman)
Musical Training Protects Brain: More Evidence(knowing this in Vedic science, music is a part of all rituals and ceremonies right from birth to death, to express all emotions -see Indians Bollywood Movies as evidence )

January 2015

Puzzles, Blocks Play May Build Spatial Skills

Mindfulness-Based Program in Schools a Positive

Sleep Impacts Academic Performance in Children

Napping Helps Infants' Memory Development

Bilingualism Changes Children's Beliefs

Closing Your Eyes Boosts Memory Recall

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