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Cancer Introduction

Please listen to the audio on cancer either in English or in malayalam or Tamil, in this link. After that you read the articles in this section for a detailed understanding.  If you need specific instructions please write to clinic att uni5  dot co


More than the trauma the patient undergoes after knowing about cancer, it is the family that undergoes the confusion about treatment options. We have been helping cancer patients for more than 25 years. In our experience we understand that the treatment all over the world for cancer or any disease is almost the same. Whether in India or in USA. Definitely the "personal" patient care and  attention is more in USA.  However the outcome is the same.

We understand that just doing only chemo/hormonal/radiation, there are chances that the cancer strikes again, because the root cause of the disease for cancer is not addressed. Chemo, radiation treatments are like dropping a bomb in a city to eradicate terrorist. Both  the normal civilians and terrorsits are killed, similarly the normal cells and cancer cells are killed.

When normal cells are destryoed, cancer patients encounter the side effects of hair fall, nausea, vomitting, dysentary, weight loss etc.  The escaped terrorist often strikes back after some time with more vigor, like the secondary cancer striking the patient. 

But in our experience, patients who do both the modern therapy along with our five elements/factor  therapy do much better than the patients who do only the modern therapy.

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