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What is Cancer?

Cancer is a symptom requiring attention of mind on the body

Cancer is one such symptom, shown by the body, demanding attention to the body. Unlike other diseases cancer is deadly because the alarm is not because of a smoke but because the house is in fire. We ignored all the earlier signals and so when we find that this is a deadly signal we are panic stricken.

To worse the conditions, we lose all hope and think that we can never get save our home. But the truth is that by our indomitable courage we can save us like saving a house from fire. Consider a real situation in which your house is in fire. If you have around you all the means of putting fire, like fire extinguishers, water, mud etc, can you put off fire if you don't have hope or courage to put off the fire. No, if you don't have hope, you can then stand as a witness to see your house burned down to ashes by fire.

Cancer War

This is the same with this disease. If you loose hope and determine that you can never help yourself healing your body, no matter what effective treatment you give, nothing is going to work. It is like a commander of an army. If the commander gives up hope of winning the war, no matter how brave soldiers he has, can he inspire his soldiers to win? No. Without the spirit and without understanding the nature of the enemy he cannot win. Thus you have to mobilize your mind, body and spirit to fight the Cancer war in your body and put off the cancer fire from spreading and conquering you.

Cancer is different from other diseases

In infectious diseases the enemy is from the outside. Here the enemy is within. So CANCER WAR is really a CIVIL WAR. When a country fights a war against an enemy country, it can get additional support from its neighboring friendly countries. But in a civil war, the external supporting soldiers finds difficult to distinguish the soldiers of the civil war. This is the same condition of treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation therapy that in the process of killing the cancer kills also kills our good body cells.

Can we fight to win this cancer war with least side effects?

Yes, with the weapons from nature. We don't say that you should stop other treatments that you are currently undertaking. Start this as a complementary therapy and when you and your doctor's feels that you are doing well then you can follow this alone.

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