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                                                 BREAK THE NOTIONS

We are all like the elephants chained to preconceived notions. Here the chain is the thought that cancer can never be cured. It's the thought that we carry from our child hood to old age. We have strong notion that cancer is a horrible disease and so incurable. The moment we hear that we got cancer, we are shocked, our blood gets frozen, and we loose our strength. Since medicines fail we conclude that we can never cure the disease. We are thus slaved to medicines and think that only drugs can cure diseases. We have been so much chained to that notion that we never realize that body can heal all the physical illness.

Healing notions
         Are we aware of the fact that every moment in our body, healing process continuously is taking place to heal the illness that occurs. With the growth of modern medicine we have become a slave to the thought that physical illness means think of a doctor, swallow pills and get cured by drugs. We never take a chance to break this chain. We still enslave our will power and yield to destiny of the preconceived beliefs. All these notions are challenged especially when the medicines fail. Only then we get a chance to think of seeking any alternatives. Fortunately some of the alternative therapies shed light on the wonderful healing strength of the body rather than relying on drugs. Some of us rarely like the rare elephants by their strong urge to live breaks the chains and heal the illness. They have understood their strength and try to help others reap the benefit they have achieved by realizing their own strength.


The elephant is controlled by an iron hook.
Can we compare the strength of the hook to that of the elephant?
The flame of a lamp dispels darkness. Can the power of the lamp be compared
to the density of darkness that it dispels ? A thunderbolt may shatter a mountain.
Is the strength of the thunderbolt comparable to that of the mountain?
Inner strength is subtle, invisible - size alone avails little
for power lies where wisdom manifests.

-Chanakya Niti

The logic
         Just for understanding this concept better, consider our hero elephant that understood that it could break the chain by overcoming the old ChainedElephantnotion. Lets imagine what happens when it shares its thought to the other elephants.  Immediately some of the chained elephants would look at awe at our hero elephant and say that the chain breaking was a miracle or by a supernatural power. They think that these fleets can only be performed by elephants that are super beings or those who got the grace of the supernatural power. However the so-called "intellect or reasoning" group of elephants would say that the probability was that the elephant caretakers did not tie the chain properly. Other intellectual’s would do research on the chain and claim that the chain was rusted and so was very weak. They would also criticize the other elephants (who thought that it was a miracle) that this was an "irrational spiritual faith". They would ignore the hero elephant’s statement because they conclude from the studies they performed that the event of chain breaking was statistically insignificant and fails to be proven scientifically. They would challenge our hero elephant if his statement were valid; he should then help other elephants to break the chain.
            We need not explain to you, why our hero would fail in his attempt to make others break the chain, unless each elephant understands the power of its own strength. We can never prove you, the power of healing. It's left for your own effort. The power of healing has to be understood and experienced. Unfortunately a doctor cannot make a patient experience “LOVE” by giving the patient a pill to induce “LOVE”. Healing has to be experienced like love that has to be experienced. We all doubt the power of healing because we have all different notions of diseases and forgot our own strength of the body.

Positive Thinking Helps You Recover Faster
       The last leaf is a very famous short story. The hero is a patient in a hospital. He thought that he would never recover from his illness and soon going to die. Inspite of good treatments given to him, he did not show any improvement. A nurse who took care of him tried her level best to boost his positive thinking but was of no use. He pointed the nurse a tree that was seen through the window and said that he is slowly dying like the tree that was withering its leaves. He said his end would come when all the leaves in the tree are shed. Every day the leaves were shed and finally there was a last leaf on the tree on a branch. He told the nurse that his end has come near. But the nurse said that a tree would maintain the leaf alive to survive. But the patient did not listen.

         He waited for the next day to see the last leaf to be fallen to make sure of his death. To his surprise, the next day the leaf was there and continued to be there. He then got a hope that he will also live like the tree. He got a hope, and slowly his medicines worked and he completely recovered from the disease. When he was about to leave, the nurse took him to the tree and removed the leaf from it. It was not a true leaf but a picture drawn on canvas. The nurse told him that she fixed a leaf, drawn by an artist to give him a hope of recovery. She did this on the night when the last leaf fell from the tree.

          This story gives you a moral that hope and positive attitude are very important to overcome the disease. Remember your mental courage is as important as any other treatment. Therefore develop positive attitude during the treatment. In fact in every moment of life we have to be positive. But the mind always tends to be negative. what could be done for that?

Doing all the five elements of Pancha Bhoota helps you to more into the awareness state. Read each of the five elements therapy in detail to understand and apply into your life style to heal the disease.


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