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Why did I get cancer? Why me?

        Most of who are diagnosed of cancer would ask this question to themselves. Why Me?. Why did I get cancer.

       Read this page contents or go to the above link to read -why do we have suffering in life?

 Why do have suffering  in life?. Please click here to continue

What does Cancer tell us?
      Cancer is a disease making one to realize that something is wrong at the fundamental level and is devastating for the whole system. The cells of the science was growing healthily, until some cells became cancerous and affecting the whole system. Science is a means to know about everything in the cosmos. Science was used in the health system to understand about the nature of health, to study it and to preserve it. But alas, we did not do that. We invented medicines to hamper the same health we where interested in it. We are thinking like the cancerous cells to prolong life, what for? Why should the life be prolonged? Is it needed? Is it the goal? Is it what is meant to be?

To understand how cancer develops and the ways to prevent it, we have to understand the millions of cells in our body live similar to the millions of people that live in a country.

Our human body is made of millions of tiny cells similar to the millions of tiny sand grains that are cemented together as bricks that make the walls and ceiling in our house. Every cell in our body does its own duty in tune with the laws of body, like the laws governing the citizens of a country. They all work in associations for the welfare of their cell community which ultimately benefits the body as a whole country.

Inside every cells, there are sub cellular bodies working like members of a family. The work associations of cells are similar to the working of a husband and wife or any other family member or in an organization or in a community, country or in the universe. If a person does all actions only his happiness, he is called as a selfish person. This type of person will violate the laws of the house or the country and suck the energy of the others for his survival.   Similarly, a cell that behaves like a selfish person is called as a cancer cell in our body.

Yes that is right, when a cell is selfish and does work only for its own survival, it is called a cancer cell. Naturally if there are more selfish people, then the country will suffer from problems like an individual who will suffer from cancer. A cancer will suck the energy and space of the body for its growth and survival.

When we have cancer we rush to the doctor to kill the cells, because our body will die soon. We do chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells which is like dropping a bomb in a place to catch terrorist. In the bombed place, both terrorist and normal citizens will die. Same way when chemotherapy is given, both cancer cells and normal cells die. The death of normal cells in the head region will cause hair to fall, the normal cells when killed in the intestines and stomach will cause nausea and vomiting, the death of blood cells will cause fever and infections in chemotherapy undergoing patients.

If chemotherapy does not work, then we do surgery even to remove the part of the body like breast, or prostrate because we don’t want the cancer to spread to all parts of the body.

The people in the current society are living like cancer cells sucking the energy of others and destroying nature. So if we are so desperate to kill the cancer cells in our body, then how desperate nature will be to kill our selfishness?

Each one should ask ourselves whether we are like these cancer cells thinking only about fulfilling our desires. We do not do any duty bound actions to our family and society. 24 hours we think only to make more money like energy sucking cancer cells. No wonder like more and more selfishness increases more and more cancer incidence is increasing in nature. Definitely medical science is doing a wonderful job of trying to increase the lifespan of patients by destroying the cancer cells at the expense of harming the normal good cells.

Same way in our society, when more people become selfish, then good people are also affected like the normal cells of the body that gets cancer treatment.

Now the question is how to cure cancer and even prevent cancer. The answer is first we have to change our cancerous attitude. There are five levels of human being. At each level we have to bring a change for curing and preventing cancer. Why should we know the five levels of our human being or in other words why should be divide our self into five levels and look and why not explain a solution as such it is.

When we go to a doctor to cure our back pain, and if we say “I have pain in my body”, it will be difficult for the doctor to find where the pain is and cure the problem. If you don’t specify a region of the body, then he can give only a numbing medicine so that you will not feel pain in any part of the body. You will get back again the back pain again after the effect of medicine is gone. For effective treatment you have to pinpoint which part of the body has pain. Instead if you divide your single body into multiple layers based on its function, like head, eyes, neck, back, abdomen, hands and legs , then you can tell which specific part is having pain, then the doctor can give an effective treatment.

Splitting of joint families to nuclear families is the first symptoms of benign cancer state. For making nuclear families we started making houses for each couple by destroying Nature’s wealth. We destroy relationships so that we can strengthen our individuality. We do not do any sacrifice but try to get maximum benefit from others. Cancer cells also destroy their relationship of communication with their neighboring cells and strengthen their individuality.

The lack of knowledge of duty and the danger of individuality is the cause of many social problems. From an infectious society we have become a cancerous society. An infect can be treated because, we know the specific cause or agent. However, cancer is difficult to treat because, the cell itself is the cause.

Because of selfishness, our life has become stressful. To overcome stress we started to find happiness through indulgence of sense organs. 1. Example, eating fried items, colored chemical items, alcohol, tobacco etc to get happiness through the tongue. 2. We gratify our visual organs with too much colored food items, colored dresses, social status show off of houses, cars and appliances, cosmetic beautification in appearances, sexually tickling pictures and movies. 3. Through gossiping about others we get happiness by hearing about the faults of other people, including television serial characters. 4. Through Immoral sexual acts we get the happiness of skin pleasures.

All these sensual gratifications has taken less time to take care of the health of our body and mind. We have forgotten the methods to nourish , cleanse, exercise, and give rest and communication to both our body and mind. All these five factors are cause for cancer.

 Cancer prevention: We have to do five things to prevent cancer.

Nourishing our body and mind with different varieties of nutrients by eating different kinds of grains,  vegetables,  fruits, herbs etc. 

Fermented Rice: Healthy Gut bacteria is really needed for preventing the bad cancer cells. You will be amazed how all the ancient civilizations had almost no cancer because of the fermented products they ate. We strongly recommend to do that by eating everyday fermented rice and yogurt.

Water Therapy: Drinking 1 to 1.5 liters of water to cleanse our internal body.

  1. Doing castor oil cleansing once a month to balance our hormones.
  2. Using Ekadeshi fasting with no grains twice a month to cleanse the whole system.
  3. Ramayana maasam in karkidam month (Adi month or Aashada - July-Aug) with herbal gruel for the whole month and reading Ramayana for purifying the mind. Ramayana is not only for hindus but for the whole world to understand the act of duty, self sacrifice , team work for the benefit of the community.
  4. Pitru tharpanam on all new moon (Ammavasya) days to bring peace in restless mental-vibrations of dead people and in turn reduce their cross talk in our mental thinking.

Exercise of body and mind through yoga is needed because now we don’t have any physical exercises to increase the lymphatic circulation of our body that actually is the police system to kills any cancer cells that develop in our body. Since we weaken our lymphatic system with less exercises and breathing exercises, our system misses the cancer cells and show up when it has gone out of control.

Similarly relaxation of the mind reduces stress. Earlier days seeing slow dance forms like the folk lore dances and folk-songs like  kathakali, bharathanatyam, mohinattom, thiruvathirakali, onam kali, was meditative in relaxing the mind. They were also emotionally soothing ways to relax the mind. This was the perfect alternative to modern times meditation. We should spend time to listen to all folk lore music and less of modern fast music which creates more stress in our mind rather than relaxing it in a healthy way.

Our ancient life style was oriented to make us live doing duty as a husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, cousins, friends and also the community. Today all community service is oriented to make individual profits or to a special community’s prosperity. Today’s retirement is to be idle instead of doing creative work for the prosperity of the community and enriching it.

All this comes from the ignorance that our life does not end here and the current actions becomes the seeds of our next birth. Our Bharath’s ancient science declared that all of us are in energy forms and modern science proves that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed but only transformed from one form to another. After our death, we continue to transform in a different form. What attitudes and actions we have currently will shape our next life. Cancer disease is a loud siren warning each one of us that we have to change our selfish attitudes to selfless duty bound nature like the normal cells of our body.

Do the mental visualization of the cancerous nature changing in you and in the cells of your body. Click here to know more.

Protect nature to protect yourself

      Avoid anything that is dangerous for the nature. Realize the truth that you yourself as nature too, in fact you are the part of the nature. You are nature itself. Avoid using chemicals that threaten nature. Avoid using non-recyclable material. Avoid wasting food and things that are surplus. Do not buy more than you need. Use that you can reuse and less strain for the nature. We need not do a lot. At least a small effort would make a big change in the universe.


       Cancer is a lesson for all of us to learn, for introspection, to realize everything that’s happening around us. Without this alarm, we would not understand the mistake that’s committed, to rectify the defects, in our thought action and our life as a whole. Cancer is anything that is not natural and is a deviant from the original nature, which would rather then imply us to return to the original nature. ALL TURN NATIVE.

      If human cannot change his cancerous nature then the nature would strike back in ferocious forms. HUMAN BEING IS THE CANCER OF EARTH: ITS UNCONTROLLED GROWTH AND WAY OF LIFE IS MALIGNANT TO THE PLANET. CANCER IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THAT AT HUMAN LEVEL.

     We have to protect our nature because we and nature are not different. We have lost the sight of this truth and hence suffer from the consequences. We have polluted the five elements of nature the Pancha Bhootas, which is our nature. We have to heal this planet to heal  ourselves.

Pancha Bhoota healing is a small step to help everyone to heal one's disease as well as one's KARMA.


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