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     The Trinity Gods

God is the unconditional Consciousness and in conditioned form it "appears" as Energy. These two aspects are symbolized in many ways. Mostly Consciousness is shown in male and energy in female forms. In the below picture, the three main functional (Energy) attributes of energy that is appearing in form (created), that is maintained and that is destroyed (transformed) is depcited by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed but only transformed from one form to another. So Brahma is not the creator of Energy, but the creator (projector) of forms.  It is the mind that creates (projects) all forms  and so Brahma is the Mind. Brahma sits on a lotus to create the formful world. The lotus depicts the body.  It is the intelligence behind it that sustains the forms-filled universe or jagath and hence symbolized as Vishnu. The awareness-energy in the forms are transformed in another forms and so forms get destroyed and so awareness is  represented by Shiva.   However all these experiences are of the unconditional consciosuness, which we called Para-Brahmam.

trinity-padmanabhalow   All the five aspects of body (world-Jagath), Mind (Brahma-Manas), intelligence (Vishnu-Budhi),  Awareness (Shiva-chitha) and Consciousness (Parabrahma) are required to experience life.

The whole creation starts from Consciousness and the universe (lotus) springs out from his navel and on that sits Brahma the Lord of Creation. Brahma has four heads, the three axes of directions and the fourth space. The Brahma is the mind the creator.

Lotus is the body and a plant like Lotus is used to denote the transformation principle of light into usable energy. Plants has the unique ability to transform light into food. Behind this is the function of Intelligence. This is represented by the umbilical cord like lotus stem arising from the navel of Consciosuness. Like the umbilical cord connecting the womb and mother's body so does Vishnu the Cosmic Intelligence connects to the mind of us.

Without Consciousness there is no experiencer of this "Jagat" or World. But this Consciousness holds a shiva-linga which means that the Consciousness expresses itself through Awareness the Shiva.

This Consciousness lies on the infinite void of space (symbolized as blue ocean) and infinite time (the witnessing Ananta Serpent). On this eternal time and space blooms this whole creation. This snake has five hoods, which represents the five elements (Pancha Bhutas). It is fascinating  know the mystery of creation. We will explain more in the forth coming sections.

The energy is also symbolized as femine. Cllick here to read about the trinity goddesses.

(Please read  body mind intellect  given in the previous sections to understand concept of Trinity Gods ).

About Gods in Tamil

For more details

1. "Journey to the Source" by Pradheep Chhalliyil .

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