Brahma is the Mind.

 (Please read  body mind intellect  given in the previous sections to understand concept of Trinity Gods like Brahma).

       Without the mind, there is no creation. The mind is that creates everything. This is represented by Brahma, the creation God. He creates and decides the life-span of  everything. He is the script writer of the whole event.

     Any creation is constrained by time and space. This is why in Vedic-Mythology (Puranas), the creator god Brahma is personified with four heads (see picture on left). Three heads represents the three axes of space (Length, height and breadth) and fourth represents time (adapted from the book "Journey to the Source, decoding matrix trilogy").  

    Brahma seated on a Lotus flower creates everything. But he is inturn created by the Cosmic Intelligence. Then after 100 Brahma years he gets old and dies. One second of Brahma is equal to 100, 000 human years. One Day  of Brahma is equal to 86400,00, 000 human years (8.6 billion years).

     End of each day, he destroys the world and creates new one. Imagine the time span of one Brahma. He lives for 100 Brahma years , which is equal to 315.36 Trillion human years. The current Brahma is in his middle age. When this old Brahma dies,  a new Brahma is created by the Cosmic intelligence. Like this many Brahmas are created. But interestingly there is only One Vishnu and Shiva.  This makes sense, because there is only one Awareness and One Consciousness, but Minds are many.

So Brahma is mortal. He is not immortal. Interestingly, he is not worshipped in temples.

Brahma and Space-time -time travel

Why is Brahma not worshipped, though he is the creator God?. 

     Seldom does Hindu's (those who practice Vedic tradition) think about this fact. Brahma has only few temples. The reason is that Brahma is the symbol of Mind and we do not honor (worship) any human being who just thinks thoughts. Respect is given not to an individual just thinking thoughts, but someone who has made a difference with that thought to himself and the beings around him.  This means that just having a thinking mind is no big deal and creating progeny like Brahma creating beings is not worthy.

Saraswathy, the Creative Mind:

       What is worthy is to have a creative mind which we call artistic. Hence Brahma's wife Saraswathy  is worshipped in all temples in India. She beholds Veena , a musical instrument and Vedas a representation of knowledge in her hands. She also has rosary beads a means to divert the wandering mind to the concentration/stillness state of Awareness. Hence she is worshipped as the Goddess of learning which requires concentrating mind.

      Since Brahma represents the actively thinking mind and his wife  Saraswathy is the symbolism of the creative useful mind, she alone is worth of worship. She is said to be residing on the tongue of Brahma, which symbolically means, that she is creative expression (tongue is for expression)  of the Mind.



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