The Lord of Beginnings 

Why is Ganesha Worshipped first?

One would normally be inclined to ask:"Why is Ganesha first?" That is, to say, how come most every tradition of Hinduism  puts Ganesha as the "Lord of Beginnings" and invokes or worships Him first instead of any other deity in the Hindu pantheon?
     We can easily understand this fact because Ganesha represents the state of realizing the Awareness (Read Ganesha's story in the previous page). When Ganesha was created he was created a boy just enjoying "Modhaka", a sweet dish. He was not aware of his dad Shiva, the symbolic of Awareness. Most Human beings are in this state  of enjoying the world without being aware of Awareness. Only being aware of Awareness, one becomes like Ganesha, realizing one's true potential.

     Any task if we do without having awareness, can we be successful. Most of the times we end up in failures because of lack of awareness. So awareness is important while beginning any task.  This is why Ganesha is worshipped first before doing any task because he represents the state of Awareness.  All his features add's up to that state.

    His big ears represents that we should be fully attentive in hearing sense.  His trunk is the most versatile tool. The elephant trunk can pick up heavy logs and well as even a tiny needle. Being aware at any act we do, we accom;ish the best.

    While we do any work, our  mind is fully not in the present. While driving we think of what we are going to do in the office or thinking of incidents that happened in the past. At office while working the mind is not in the present, but thinking of again future plans or brooding over the past actions. Only place we are with full attention is in the movie hall. That is why as school children we had to read our books many times to remember them in exams, but we can recollect scene by scene of a movie we watch just one time.

    So our ancestors have given the best way to do any task with full attention, like Ganesha  who is fully Aware of Awareness, the Shiva. He is a creation of energy (Parvathi), but Aware of Awareness, Shiva. Before getting the elephant head, he was a boy who was an obstacle to shiva to meet Parvathi. In the form of Ganesha, with full  awareness , all obstacles are removed.  Through worshipping Ganesha, the one who removes obstacles, we are ought to be aware of our Awareness to accomplish our tasks without any obstacles .

     Only with this transcending to this Awareness state we can realize the Cosmic Mystery. Modern Science tries to understand the Cosmic mystery through physical means of senses. Wheareas the ancient masters have done by transcending to the Awareness state. This is the symbolic message of the beautiful story of Mango and Ganesha. 

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