Trinity Gods - Shiva (III)

(Please read  body mind intellect  given in the previous page to understand concept of shiva).

Why is Shiva known as the destroyer and what does he destroy?.

m  As we had discussed in the previous sections that, in Awareness state, the individuality or Ego (the "I" feeling)  temporarily cease to exist. The Ego regains its nature like a spring coil regains its original nature as soon as the force is removed.

What is Ego?

The sense of "I" is the Ego or Aham-kar (Ahankar).  The Ego is deep when it is identified with the body. This is why every living being right from the single celled bacteria to the highest evolved  human being tries to protect its body. Because the identification to the body is the nature of every living being called the Ego.

     This Ego diminishes when we transcend to the mind level and further diminishes at the intellect level and completely destroyed at the Awareness  level. This is why Shiva called the Destroyer, the destroyer of the Ego.

Brahma is the creator , the Mind that creates the Ego. In the Brahma section, read why he is not worshipped in any temples, though he is the creator God.

Vishnu, however is widely worshipped God. He is the intellect is what then sustains this Ego to function in the world, at the same time, pulls towards the Awareness state and helps in Moksha, transcending to the awareness state. Vishnu sustains the Material wealth needed for the Ego to enjoy the world. This is why Vishnu is royally dressed, unlike Shiva who is portrayed as an ascetic meditating. This is because he is the witnessing Awareness which is the highest state in Meditation.  This also explains why Vishnu takes Avatars (different evolutions of surviving intellect) to keep the world functioning. More details in Vishnu Section.

Shiva the Lord of Arts:

    The nature of the mind is to wander either in the past or in future. Only in the Awareness  state it is aware of the present. Only in the present it is always happy. Watching Arts is enjoyable to everyone, whether it is listening to music or looking at a painting or watching a dance or a movie. Our wandering minds are  brought to the present moment or Awareness state. That bliss of being in the present is however is not in our awareness because we are over-shadowed by the emotional aspect of the Art./span>

 Vedic culture has well developed 64 types of arts and they are meant for us to transcend into the present. These arts are slow but slowly penetrating and brings us into the Awareness  state. Those individuals mind that are restless to transcend feels these arts very boring. For example the classical dances like Bharathanatyam, Mohiniattom , Kathakali, or Kathak are slow and repetitive. The repetition helps in observing the subtlest elements and through that the mind transcends. The same is with Classical Gandharva music like Hindustani or Carnatic music. They all help in transcending. Shiva is the Lord of these arts because the ultimate aim is to transcend to the awareness state.

Why is Shiva called Bhairava and why is Yama the Lord of Death under his control?

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