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Flowering of Girl to Women-hood

First Menstruation's Seven days Ritual


Anything that is pure we give more security. A new born baby etc in purest form, we dont touch without a need or keep it secluded, because it is in a growth phase and do not want to hamper the process.

. This is why ancient cultures did for women, when she becomes the Energy source of creation, the first menstrual cycle. The girl was given a new separate hut to stay like her body creating egg in a new cell. But when we see with a different perception, then the same ritual would look like making feel women impure, weak etc.

A woman's body is Sakthi, the Energy aspect in creation, maintenance and transformation.  If these functionalities are protected, nurtured and enlivened, it helps the health of her and the family at large including the society. If a family or society does not allow this aspect, then there is Energy imbalance in the family and society expressed in the form of diseases, psychological problems, narrow-minded thinking, poor awareness and selfishness. 

A menstrual girl is asked to stay in a new hut build with these five aspects taken into consideration. Maternal Uncle, father's side relatives and the community are involved in celebrating the power of a girl's transformation into womanhood of Energy. This is why the rituals are done as a community celebration. 

If this is not perceived in the right right awareness, then it looks as a superstitious, unhealthy process in a society.

However, the detailed explanation that we write will be a controversy now, but will later be proved by scientific research, like several facts that we have been writing in the site for past several decades.

Everybody's brain is attacked by thousands of thoughts (not only arising in one's own brain but also from outside). A woman is the source of egg (giving rise to a human body), is even more spammed by junk thoughts from the environment.

The same pattern is seen by one single egg in a female's body is swarmed by millions of competing sperms.

If women do not take security measures in keeping a tight security system of preventing these thought vibrations from the external, she could be vulnerable to depressions, hysteria (often projected as ghost haunted) hallucinations etc.

All ancient cultures paid attention to keep women's mind protected from these influences. The menstrual rituals are one part of it.

We try not to write too much info now because the depth of the subject is too hard to understand with the current limited scientific knowledge we have. We will wait till more brain research gives proof for common people to believe and accept it.


Please click here to read it in Tamil. Infertility and gynecological problems are sky rocketing due to various life style changes. Traditional cultures had the wisdom to acknowledge the hormonal changes that occur for the first time in the girl to women-hood. The psychological and physiological changes were nurtured through rituals and ceremonies. Modern societies consider them as meaningless rituals and time-consuming affairs. Here we give the logical reasons behind the rituals connected to the welcoming of women-hood. Thanks to Mrs.Radha Raghupathy from the heritage of Raaja Vamsam Clan (coimbatore) who shared their cultural rituals knowledge. In their culture (Tamil-Telugu) "Poopu Neerattu".

The girl is usually educated well in advance about her body changes accompanying puberty by her mother or grandmother mother or aunts and friends.

In this tradition, the Girl when she notices the first red signs of her flowering immediately informs elder women except her mother. It is believed that the mother should not see the .first blood because of the symbolic of continuing desires of Human birth-death cycle. All the rituals accompanied with this puberty is akin to the events that take place in the Cosmic Big-bang.

Foods to be eaten:

When a girl undergoes puberty, she starts menstruating due to hormonal changes in the body. This is the time when correct nourishment to be supplied to that her body is toned for her entire life. Proper nourishment at this time prevents lot of gynecological problems like irregular menstruation and later infertility problems and PCOS, uterine fibroids and hot-flash during menopause. Modern research shows that women's health determines the health of the individual for many generations. For generations Indian traditional health-practices helped to stay healthy. If all the women in India had followed the traditional practices, then Indian general health would have been very good.

The foods given here have all scientific value. If one analyses the foods given in the traditional Indian rituals, they are all rich in Vitamin E , popularly called as "Fertility Vitamin". Other food ingredients given have lots of phyto-chemicals that nourish all the cells of the reproductive organs and also positively influencet the hormonal system of the body.

In India, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian population. The following information have both the information. You may choose based on your food habits. Vegetarian foods are no way inferior in nutritive value compared to the non-vegetarian foods.

In non-vegetarian communities, immediately one raw organic hen's egg yolk is poured into half a tumbler sesame oil and the girl is asked to gulp it in the raw form itself. (Care should be taken not to smash the Yolk). The nutrients in the egg and sesame oil in raw form give nourishment to the Girl's body. The egg white (albumin) has the same nutrients which she will produce in her body. This is given for the next seven days and then stopped and then continued in the second menstrual month for seven days.

On the first day few teaspoonful of Amaranth seeds are added to one glass of raw cow milk. All the rituals are usually done by fertile women with the thought that she should also later bear children.

First day, paruppu urundai ( Legumes with rice), Nicely cooked toor dal is mixed with cooked rice or cooked Italian Millet and finely chopped and roasted, garlic, cumin seeds, onion, tomato and made into three balls. These balls are given for lunch and dinner.

Raw rice four is mixed with raw cane-sugar (Jaggery or palm Sugar, ginger powder, cardamom and mixed with ghee and formed as ball and given., .

Urid dal (Black peas) is finely ,grinded and then mixed with sesame oil and then cooked with slow simmering flame. This is eaten with syrup made of Jaggery or palm Sugar.

Fenugreek is similarly ground and then mixed with sesame oil and then cooked with slow simmering flame. This is eaten with syrup made of cane-sugar.

Black Sesame seeds powdered and mixed with cane sugar and given a lot because they are rich in vitamin E, which will tone the uterus.


Lot of greens, especially from fenugreek kuruncha keera (botanical name not known), spinach are given. Just plainly boiled leaves water is given and then the rest cooked with spices and given.

Leaf juice is prepared from the following plants ,Nochi (Vites negundo), Thumba (Leucas aspera), vaakai (Albizia Lebbeck), Tulsi Neem sankanthazai, all mixed and extracted in raw form and given in the first day (one day)..

Rituals: The rituals help in psychological and social development.

The girls paternal uncle customarily brings a five-mix oil for the ritualistic bath. The five oil mix will contain equal proportion of oils of coconut, castor, sesame, iluppai (Madhuca longifolia) oil and neem oil. The Uncle applies few drops on the girl's head wishes her a fertile healthy life. Seven women folks then help the girl in the first ritualistic bath applying Turmeric powder and sandal-wood paste on her body and pour water on her body. The girl is asked to face East direction as a symbol of Sun who represent the light of Knowledge.. After bath, the girls head is decorated with flowers acknowledging her own flowering state.

A green hut is made inside the house made out of coconut leaves. All the seven days she stays indoor in this hut. This gives her ample time for self introspection. A mirror is shown once a day for seven days in this symbolic instrospectiob. She is made to realizeThe hut is called "Thadukkai" meaning the "Protect". The girl is psychologically and physiologically protected in her important days of entering women-hood.

An Iron object (it could be any Iron materials) and neem leaves are kept under the girls pillow. Sometimes iron bracelets are given to wear for 30 days. The girl is given new comb, mirror, a plate and cup which she will use every month till her menopause. All waste materials including paper, diapers are all collected and set on fire after seven days. Clothes from washerman family is given everyday for her to wear. Their family washes her clothes for the seven days.

All seven days, the girl is nicely dressed with Tilak in her head and also wears flowers in her hair. Then she is made to sit on the steps of the house in the front and arathi is do ne with rice and kumkum wishing all the best in her life.

She is given bath twice, morning and evening, and she takes cold bath early in the morning even before all the men get up. Turmeric and herbal bath powder is applied all over her body and in private parts for preventing infection.

End of the seventh day, Mango leaves are tried in front of the house, cow's urine is sprinkled all over the house and Homa/Yagya is doen to purify the home.

A social gathering may be organized on the 11tth 13th 15th day.

Importance of Social Gathering and Vedic Rituals:

Bathing Ritual: The girl is given bath with application of turmeric. Yellow color of turmeric is the symbol of Energy and prosperity of Earth. The girl is given the awareness that she is like the mother Earth having the Energy and prosperity to create life.

Food: Food is served first to the girl on the ritual with the above mentioned food recipes. The girl is given the awareness that like the mother Earth her body should have good nourishment later to create healthy life.

Mirror: Mirror is shown by her mothert or maternal uncle as a symbol of Self-reflection. The girl is asked to her look at her Self that is complete with beauty, patience, love, care and Energy to give life. Looking at the mirror is the best part of the Vedic tradition to Self-reflect to evolve to the highest state of divinity. Hence the girl is adorned with silk saree, jewels and fragrant flowers.

Mother-daughter Bondage: Mother and her friends and relatives offer sweets to emphasize the bonding love and support to enjoy the happiness and fulfillment of life.

For a western side ritual explanation (Mom and daugher talk) by  Mariene Zeneck

In Tamil Healer Bhaskar video

Sakthi Store

vazhai poo
pomegranate more
pomgrante skin jaggery
pottu kadalai
aloe vera palm sugar
betal nut
white corn jaggery

2nd day white egg albumin, black pepper, jaggery
urid dal vadai puttu

dressing flowers turmeric
new dress
9 days
turmeric water.

9 days
2nd hugh

urid dal

sesame with black pepper important jaggery empty stomach
salted puttu for dristhi and eating no sugar

sesame oil garlic black pepper for hair oil
8 am sunlight

muruga keerai honey salt abdomen pain'fenugreek seed good fo pain

So and dont in Menstrual cycle

Rajaswala Paricharya: an Ayurvedic Management to Prevent
Menstrual Disorders.


Jaggery increased flies growth So good for reproduction n 

Semolina- jaggery diet improved fly output at F2 and F3 generation

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